Your Zerodha equity account is marked dormant

  1. What am I restricted from if I see this notification ?
  2. Can I add MFs & redeem them as usual ?
  3. I don’t buy/sell stocks from my Kite, should I be worried ?
  4. What is In Person Verification & will it be involved in my case ?
  5. Will my AMC charges change ?

If an account is marked dormant, you cannot buy or sell shares or trade in F&O.

You can continue investing in or redeem mutual funds normally.


You can learn about IPV here. IPV needs to be done when you complete the Re-KYC process to reactivate your account.

AMC charges will continue to be applicable even if the account is dormant. Charges will remain the same.


If I don’t want to trade in equity(but invest only in Coin for MF) which options should I choose while creating account with Zerodha ?

Why is there a delay in collecting AMC for the current & previous quarters ?