Zero brokerage platforms

Hi All just wanted to get some insights from fellow traders about zero brokerage platforms like finvasia and all … is it worth giving the shot?


Why not?

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Have u tried it brother? Finvasia

Finvasia is okay - but they stutter and go offline much more than Zerodha (which is good wrt stability).

I didn’t like their customer support which is supported by third party.


I have tried flattrade and mStock. Flattrade is much better however not comparable to Zerodha.

Ok, but with zerodha high brokerage is becoming a huge problem when u see over a period of months… even if you are a volume trader with big churns the charges remain same…


Mstock is bad but never heard of flattrade

How is their terminal finvasia?

More or less same as Kite terminal.
Will take some time to get used to it but easy.

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Ohh great… I also heard from reviews online that execution speed is slow as compared to zerodha? Is that true

What do you guys think about ICICIdirect neo plans for equity?

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Yes, I think so. Interface also seems a little clunky

I have used both mstock and finvasia. The execution speed of orders is good, though I trade only upto 10-20 lots of index options (may be more on expiry day). I have tried different types of order placement and everything works as expected. Mobile apps are not as good as Zerodha. They take some time to reflect everything on app. Login issues are present. Web browser login is also not good. Finvasia has a desktop application, which is comparatively stable but takes time to get used to. Biggest drawback is the charting! You have to use different broker/TV/charting website for reading charts and use the app for order placing. Customer support is just acceptable, queries are answered and tickets are closed but they take time. Reports are readable, understandable, which are sent promptly. They have no integration with tax filing websites (atleast until July). Overall you can try them if you are spending too much on brokerage because of multiple orders in small quantities. In my opinion, for high capital, it is better to avoid zero brokerage companies.

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If you are a serious daytrader or do scalps, where executions matter, and looking for some respite in brokerage, go for espresso.

Have faced just one technical snag since their inception, which was resolved within 30 mins.

I consider myself a master in clicking super tight risk executions, where espresso mis+, which is far better than average bracket orders helps a LOT. Having executed trades within 9:15:33 or 9:16:07, the reliability of espresso is top notched.

All I am saying is my trading style requires on spot error free tools, and espresso delivers.

You get zero brokerage on losing trades. You get a desktop terminal. And the payouts are instant and same day payouts for same day deposits.

Just a good vibe, and felt like spreading out.

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