Zero loss strategy!

I was looking at different strategies on this site:

I was using this strategy but I suffered some losses but in this graph it shows zero loss. Minimum 5k profit. Isn’t that amazing?

@sushil_sirari1 @VelmuruganSengottai @OptionTrader Can you share some thoughts on these strategies?

If there wasn’t high margin requirements on selling options the ROI would’ve been more lucrative or disastrous depending on strategy.

  1. How do get to that website?
  2. Are the prices hypothetical? Because with your prices it is indeed a option box type PnL with zero risk.

But is you calculate now you are getting this.

I think developer of this site needs to work on get right prices. It does seem the prices are not accurate.

Can you share the address of the site you used?


On that site we have to enter exit price also? Doesn’t it generate P&L graph of all the strike prices expiry?

No need to enter exit prices or entry prices.
It is optional.
It calculates Pnl as per the underlying price on a specified date.

@newguy bro it is just amazing strategy bro… But how to and when to execute it bro … It is simply a condor but premium not shown right…

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First one, puts alone will give profits! 24700 pe is more than 100 above 24600 pe! Prices are wrong, and if you get it, go for it!

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as you said prices are wrong …
coming to the strategy … this is reverse condor … i would say its a poorly constructed reverse condor


How accurate these payoff charts are?
I already asked a question, on another thread, but didn’t find satisfactory answer

Accuracy will be same as that of any thing related to markets. Markets, Meteorology, Psephology all are based on permutations combinations of Maths, logic, probabilities etc. So just like any trading strategy or indicator it will fail.