Zero or near zero stock value

@siva @nithin. …what will happen to a company when their stock value become zero or near zero…will the company still exists or not.

You will continue to be the owner of the stock. If the question is will you be able to trade it or not is not is another question. If it is going to 0, I am guessing it will be because of some corporate governance issue. In which case, it might get delisted on the exchange. If that happens, you can’t trade them on the exchange.

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Check Visesh Infotech

Check its market depth

Thats what happens - Punting by punters

In the case where stock value become zero …what benefits the owner gets…
Also what a company gets or losses when stock rises or falls.

@yabita_padung : TWO things .(1) stock value is zero on bse/nse due to company being unlisted or delisted like Wipro enterprises ,Sterlite power ,Chennai super king (unlisted) Atlas copco ,Essar steel ,Essar oil ,Philips etc etc ( delisted) ((2) stock value is zero or very negligible because of company’s performance or some regulatory action . PLEASE note that 5070 companies are available for trade at BSE but only 2801 traded today. so you can guess how many among this non traded companies have not traded for years ! may be about 50% of these or more !!
in Demat till the company has an ISIN it will remain even though it has been delisted voluntarily or by regulatory action or not traded for years !

Owner already exits before hand (Like Saibaba Invest which has 0% promoter stake :rofl: and retailers jump to buy it on receiving one SMS)


Owner has pledged their shares to a lender and dont care if their value falls or not