Zerodha 60-day challenge and your longest streak

Hi, I just won my first 60-day challenge (lost the first one). I wanted to the understand the phrase “1 TIME CDS”. I’m guessing CDS stands for currency derivatives. Now let’s say I win another 60-day challenge on currency derivatives, will it read “2 TIME CDS”? Is it incremental in this sense?

Also would love to know how what was your longest streak on winning 60-day challenges and what was your average 60-day return in this longest streak. Please be honest and mention your losses as well so as to motivate beginners (and not discourage them). Thanks!

Yes, the next time you win, it will read as “2 TIME CDS”.

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Consecutive 7th in a row coming in next 10 days.


no brokerage Refund If we win ?

That’s awesome! Please share a bit more on what instruments you trade, how long have you been trading, how long did it take to become profitable and what has been your average 60-day return on capital? It’ll be motivating as well as informative to know so.

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No. That stopped a while back if I’m not mistaken. That’s not sustainable for Zerodha in the long term anyway.

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60 day challenge stats are not working.

@siva @ShubhS9 any issues at zerodha backend ? Support ticket raised - #20210129933025

Let me get it checked.

Thanks @siva

Will this be fixed soon ?

@TheGouda can you.

We’re getting checking this checked. You’ll have an update on the ticket.

same thing is happening to my family accounts.

ID- FE4062, FO6301 and HP2110.

Please get it checked

We’re checking this.

From past 11 Days 60 Days challenge feature is not working.

Error :
Error computing challenges: No ongoing challenges.

Yesterday after this post the figures updated. “Error computing challenges” was still there though. Again today it’s not updated.

There is issue, will take few days for fix.

K Thanks Siva.