Zerodha AMC launch date

@nithin Hi, When are you likely to launch your mutual funds? Early 2023?

@nithin @Bhuvan
Any news/update on this topic. Eagerly awaiting this event.

We are yet to receive the final approvals from SEBI. We should be live in 3 months from when we have the approval.


How will Zerodha earn money from mutual funds … will it become a distributor?

I am editing this post and leaving the non-edited version above for novices to understand better.

Asset Management Company is what Zerodha is trying to be. They will make money from the expense charges levied on the mutual funds. My tip: start with an Index fund.

Let’s hope for the best.

Just read that both Nithin and Nikhil Kamath (Nithin’s brother) are among the top 10 individual philanthropists in India. With this venture, let’s hope they become the top philanthropists in India. ATB guys :slight_smile:


They will obviously be the AMC

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@nithin Please start your AMC soon. I am looking forward for your amazing & disruptive plan. Fingers Crossed…

I hope you have something like these in plan.

  • Passive Index funds tracking Nifty, Midcap Nifty & Small Cap Nifty
  • ELSS fund but passive, which tracks nifty.
  • Passive International Funds (which tracks US markets)
  • LIquid fund (but dividends should not be in units but price rise) should also be available as ETF likes liquidbees.

What else folks, What other interesting products you want to see for AMC?

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Looks like you should work for an AMC :grin:


Ohh I would love to work with zerodha… never saw any opening on my type of job.


I was referring to an AMC, not Zerodha. Approach an AMC with all your ideas for funds in detail, give some presentations.

Who knows, a fund could conceived from your ideas :grin:


Why is SEBI delaying your approval

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Want medium/short term gilt funds. Like 1/2 years. No credit risk, no maturity date, small duration risk. Would be great for pledging and will have higher yield vs overnight funds.

We made some changes to our plan for how we want to build the AMC business. Hence this is taking us extra time for added approvals.


Great/ Hope and wish it’s worth the wait. All the best .

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Here is what took additional time.


Hearty congratulations @nithin and team Zerodha. Best wishes for your much awaited AMC. Hope it brings a positive change to the industry.


Congratulations and All the best Nithin.

Don’t want to jump the gun , but just curious - will the offerings just include Broad Based indices (like NN50) or additionally any Strategy indices (like Quality , Momentum etc)

I don’t think there is a point in just having broad-based indices. Doesn’t solve any problem which isn’t already addressed.


Yes! Indeed!
There’s so much more potential!

So is there a timeline that you are planning to launch the product/platform. @nithin

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We are waiting on that final approval now. :slight_smile: