Zerodha and US stocks

We already working on it, many take few more months.

@Prayag I checked with the bank and they told me that the $35 inward remittance charge is when you transfer your funds back to India from abroad. It is not deducted during the outward remittance. Also this $35 is not charged per stock. Let’s say you sell some shares of Apple and Microsoft and you want to remit the profit to your Indian bank account, then this $35 is charged on the inward remittance on the whole amount that is being transferred, it is not $35 for Apple and $35 for Microsoft separately. Also I believe Vested Finance does not charge this $35. They maybe cheaper compared to Stockal. Also hopefully if the companies you invest in are good ones and have the prospect of going bullish in the long run and you hold it for a good amount of time the capital gains and the USDINR conversion rate will offset the charges that were borne during the initial outward remittance.

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Regarding the inward remittance charges, I had reached out to Stockal about this on Twitter. They clarified that they don’t have any extra charges for inward remittance (only bank-specific charges for LRS apply). Likely the video that I referenced for my post is old (it is from November 2019) and hence I reached a wrong conclusion as things have changed since then. Or might be when they mentioned inwards remittance in the slide in the video, they might have actually meant Outgoing International Wire Transfer charge that is already mentioned in their charges page and I might have misunderstood them from the start.

When zerodha start American stock on his platform then that stock dividend directly deposit on our bank or we can keep on there so we can buy more stock there without pay any remittance charges, hope zerodha team tell us more about it, thanks

April '19 - Jan '21

How long we do have to wait ?


What will be the fees for investing in U.S stocks? Is it possible to move stocks from to zerodha directly?

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We will inform once we launched.

Don’t think it is possible as there is no concept of demat.

Hi @siva

Not sure what kind of issues the Zerodha team is facing regarding providing Direct US stock investment, but check out and see if, what they are doing, solves your problem.

Any updates in this regard?

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@siva any update on this, USA investment is possible in a month , i try to invsest there , if i can wait for a month

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@nithin Is there any update on this topic? Is there any plan to include this topic in VARSITY?


There are some regulatory issues around this and hence the project is on a backburner

I understand. But at the same time, how are other brokers able to provide this ?

The regulations apply for all brokers, but how do they do this ? Does it mean that they are breaking these regulations ? @nithin

And also the circular talks about digital gold and unregulated assets that includes crypto.
US stock investments are legal and SEBI order does not include that.

And, my main question is - there are brokers who provide digital gold, does it mean that they are doing illegal things/breaking regulations ?

I’m confused as there is no mention of US stocks anywhere. Need more clarification.

What’s others opinion on this ?

All brokers had to stop digital gold. Even the RIAs.

This is regulatory grey. Unregulated technically could mean anything that is not regulated by SEBI, which could be what happens outside India like in international investing platforms, very similar to digital gold.

Being the largest retail broker in India, the repercussions for us to do something which is regulatory grey is much larger than for smaller players. We have asked for clarity from the regulator on this, whenever we have it, we will have a product.

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any update for US stock investment?

We’re working on getting NSE IFSC membership. However will not be able to provide exact timeline on this :slightly_smiling_face: You can check out more on NSE IFSC here:

So we wont able to purchase stock in our name. it will be DRs?

I was looking for solution to acquire stock directly in my name not in street name or DRs.

and this is under LRS limit so if I sold Stock can I reinvest that capital and capital gains?

Any updates here? Just bumping the thread.

Hey @linq123, we are in the process of getting our NSE IFSC membership. Will keep you posted on it. You can learn more about NSE IFSC here:

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