Zerodha and US stocks

rumors of zerodha giving access to US stocks in near future… any truth?

Yes, we definitely are working on this.


Cool bro.


I know this is a moot point but, by when? :slight_smile:


wow. I’m shaarpening my FAANGS

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@nithin just US stocks or US ETFs too ?

US has a stupid pattern day trading rule. I think you need about 25k USD to day trade there. Indian markets are way better if one knows how to actually trade.

Also please provide in details the tax implications.

Thank you Mr. Nithin hope we can see all Us stock and S&P 500 on Zerodha as soon as possible … … Thanks again

It is not at all stupid, trust me. If you don’t have 25k USD you can just trade only 3 times a week, like a swing trade. However, that saves the small investors from capital erosion as 95% people don’t even have a good understanding of day trading, in that “investment bracket.” This particular rule has brought a lot of stability in their markets on the long term price discovery mechanism.


Hey Nithin any updates on this front?

Hi guys as you may know TSLA is taking off like a rocket and thats not even accounting for Elon’s rocket business. This is like getting into AAPL after the 2nd iphone. So Nitin can we please please hurry with investing in US securities.

Ps: I bought into some Motilal’s N100 but still its diluted and nothing like getting into the real TSLA.

@siva Any update zerodha is coming to USA investment platform , i think its long time mimic in this thread , if its zerodha will come or not .please if yes at what stage zeroda now about USA stock investing

@siva @nithin I know you are working on this, just one piece of feedback / suggestion that may set you apart from rest of the services.

Every platform I have used to trade US Stocks has the following issues with it, which I find very cumbersome and detrimental to the whole investing experience.

  1. Charges on adding or withdrawing funds: Almost every platform charges me hefty fees (almost upto ~USD 20 and sometimes even more) to just add or withdraw funds to my account. This charge further reduces my returns on these investments.

  2. Length process to add funds: In cases of platforms like vested I have to make a physical visit to my bank and follow the process just to authorize money transfer to these platforms.

  3. No stock screener ability: While some platforms give me some information around earnings, PE, etc almost nobody provides the level of detailed information I can get for Indian stocks from services like Ticker Tape etc.

  4. Basic reporting services: Very hard to get good quality reports on my activity, tax loss harvesting, P/L balance, portfolio performance etc from these services.

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We are working on to address these two points.

Definitely we will offer better features that many but our top most priority will be on 1st two points, after that we can concentrate on any other.


Thank you! All the very best, look forward to the service.

@siva any update about USA stock investing , please ETA . in this downturn can buy something from USA

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But they allow futures intraday without any minimums , so where’s the point?
Futures are even more riskier than cash

seriously, waiting for it since a long time now :confused:

Work in progress but the current situation may delay it a bit.