Zerodha Annual Charges & How to keep Commodity Account Active

These are few suggestions that I find helpful to Investors (if not for traders) if implemented.

  1. Zerodha charges AMC (Account maintenance charges) on quarterly basis and that amount gets deducted from Equity Balance of Zerodha Account. The small problem with this for investors who visit platform less frequently is that one needs to be watchful & leave sufficient balance in the account after taking any trade as effect of deduction of Charges & Taxes is visible on next morning (I am aware of the fact that one can calculate that with brokerage calculator).

But still if possible, Zerodha can take these charges upfront for a year or two (and may be you can give us discount for upfront payment :wink:) OR Zerodha can provide separate facility where one can maintain balance for the purpose of AMC deduction.

  1. Those who opened both Equity and Commodity account while registering for service, need to keep adding balance to Commodity account if they don’t use it regularly (for some unknown reason :smile: people like me take comfort in the fact that the commodity account would be there & active if and when I decide to use it). And because of new rule, Zerodha has to return unused balances to bank account. Hence sometimes the commodity account which is not used for long period gets deactivated and to make it active, one has to go through submission of proof of income etc.

I don’t have any idea how to keep that account active post single day settlement of balance rule (except by keep adding small balance every month). But any suggestion is welcome.


We will do something about this, both give the option to pay for a bunch of years at one time or signup for an emandate. @Nakul @TheGouda + +

Hmm… this is tricky. :slight_smile: Maybe sign an emandate to fund the account every few months? Currently we don’t allow mandates for commodity account. I don’t know if it is worth the effort, though. :slight_smile: