Zerodha associate program or refferal program

Sorry to reopen the old question again, but i just want to know, is zerodha associate program or referral program is still alive and can we earn something through that now.
thank u.

Its always alive. Entry barrier will be a constraint.

You need 200 people + x amount of brokerage (10K I think - If you want I can check and tell).

Upstox is 150 people or 15K brokerage in first 6 months. (Zerodha is “and”)

SAS is 10 people.

Rest has no entry barrier.

PS: I am sort of everywhere so I can tell you exact lol

kindly check once for zerodha and tell.

a) A partner should also have an individual trading account with us.

b) Exchange registration is mandatory to receive payouts. Only active partners will be registered at the exchange. Active partners will be defined as those with at least 200 accounts and minimum monthly recurring revenue of Rs 10,000/-.

c) Monthly revenue share will be carried forward until a partner is registered on the exchanges. Registration charges need to be borne by the partner.

d) Charges for registration are Rs 3000 per segment at NSE and BSE. Registration at MCX costs Rs 2000.

e) Existing partners’ revenue and mapping details will be available on the old CRM until further notice.

f) A partner will be deactivated if the partner has not given any lead for 6 months from the date of registration.

g) If the partner is not actively participating in this program after completion of 1 year from the date of registration we will deactivate such partners. A minimum of 25 accounts needs to be mapped after completion of 1 year.

This was like conditions of one year back.

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I think that Zerodha is associate program where there is an option to make some extra money with referral program. So, it is combination of both, but I would say that its core business is brokerage

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what is minimum payout procedure for associate partner ???

The minimum payout under this programme is Rs.1000.

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But I have referred huge ton people without my referral link in my earlier days lol when I was actively marketing.

Here is a good part -

I tend not to withdraw from them. Zerodha people are SO GOOD that the people from there will poach you multiple time to withdraw it if the amount exceeds a high amount. The first time, I had withdrawn over 2 years I think as someone from there literally asked me to do so. Currently, I haven’t withdrawn for a few months. Other brokers like Angel will create super headache.

Specially “Angel”. If you have active customer, they will poach him to make another account separately.