Zerodha BO order not placing correctly

In zerodha sometime Bracket Orders not working correctly, for example if place SL Limit BO order
after the trigger price executed, It has to place equal limit order and equal SL order, but some time Limit orders are less than SL order

I have taken the screenshot below, I have placed 300 qty of BO SL Limit order on Hindalco, after the trigger price executed, it placed 115+185 SL Trigger order for Stop loss and 115 Limit Order only 185 is missing,

Not sure why this is happening how to avoid this issue. Anyone facing such issue kindly reply

When you are placing BO sl trigger order under equity nse , your single bo can be split into many orders depending upon buyers and seller quantity .Most often under this segment ( nse , equity ) , your order will be split into many bo orders .If you want same limit price and sl for entire quantity, then put same price in limit and trigger price column.
Many people skip the point about brokerage calculation in BO order , if your bo order split into 3 ( in your case hindalco ) 20 ( buy ) and 20+20+20 ( sell , each gets separately calculated ) .


Even I faced this issue today.

Zerodha team, what is happening?