Zerodha bracket order

Hi guys . It’s my first trade of the new year
Not complaining since I made a decent profit.
However I am wondering how the bracket order I initiated bought the shares at 1239.6 when I set the limit at 1240.2. It had happened once or twice before as well. Anyone face the same issue?

You set the limit of 1240.2 but at that point of time the CMP of the stock was below than your set limit. So it got executed at best ask price.

If you wanted to buy specifically at 1240.2, then you should have to place SL-L or SL-M order.

But zerodha kite doesn’t give the option for SL-M Bracket orders … Only limit orders… with the option for including target,stop loss and trailing SL.

Yes that SL Bracket order is not possible at once. First we have to place SL Buy then if its hit then we need to place two separate Limit Sell and SL Sell order for target and Stop Loss.