Zerodha brokerage per lot

@nithin Can you provide brokerage per lot wise for options like 2 Rs/lot so on as 20 Rs/order becomes very expensive for smaller size.

Other brokers like iifl/ mosl/ kotak securities provide it. 20Rs per order restricts one to avoid putting orders for less than 6-10 lots

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Hi @Pravin_b1

Would request you to check this post. @nithin talked about this on multiple occasions :slight_smile:

You may increase the brokerage to 2 rs per lot if someone fires 50 lots you will get 100 Rs per order 5 times existing cost?

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Also for every hedge buy 2 Rs per lot so if someone hedges by another 50 lot then another 100 Rs per order

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@Pravin_b1 just one question for you my friend How will you justify this to someone who’s an HFT putting in thousands of quantities every day… Why throw the burden of cost?
I know someone who puts maybe around 9000 quantities option sell and a hedge buy so that’s 18000 quantities at 2rs per lot that would come about 1200 lots for banknifty 15 quantity lot so a brokerage of 2400 rs. that’s way too expensive :slight_smile: In contrast to what he’d be paying now 400(20*20) on a 900 freeze quantity nevertheless charges like GST would add big time :slight_smile: for every trade he’ll take.

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In my opinion broker should have 2-3 brokerage plans. Can there be clear i wont offer any other plans (just 20 per order ) or yes i can consider reply from some official zerodha official @Meher_Smaran @nithin

all i am saying is as of now those who put big orders are :grinning: while those who put less than 6 lots in one order are :frowning_face: So in my opinion get some plan for both while ensuring your costs.

In a low-cost business model adding multiple offerings complicates and in turn increases the running costs as well. This is why we have had just one deal for all our customers right from day one and that is also why we have been able to scale well without our operating costs catching up.

We are unlikely to have multiple plans or offerings.

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@nithin Since the Nifty lot size has been reduced to 25, It might be beneficial to explore a corresponding reduction in brokerage charges (~10Rs) for Nifty contracts. This could make Nifty options more accessible to retail investors and potentially increase trading activity.
Also, a lower brokerage fee would benefit traders who execute trades near the closing bell, targeting small price movements.

But still discount brokers like zerodha are charging 20₹ per lot + Other charges xtra so one might pay ending with higher charges after making profit /loss

Is it possible to reduce charges as per Holdings that wud benefits investors trades with increasing no. Of participants