Zerodha CDSL easi

I created CDSL account by following this link What is CDSL easi and how do I register? can i register for Easiest.

  • which is one is recommended easi or easiest
  • what is the difference of these account
  • will it create any conflict if i had an account with easi with CDSL

Easi let’s you view and keep track of your Demat holdings in CDSL while Easiest along with features of Easi let’s you electronically transfer shares from your Demat account.

thanks have an account with Easi option with CDSL. Just needed some clarification.

@ShubhS9 Hello, I created Easiest account using Zerodha credentials few months back. I just wanted to keep track of my Demat holdings. I don’t want to transfer shares or anything. Should I just let it be? Will having Easiest account cause any problems? Will my PoA given to Zerodha become ineffective?

You can now sign-up for CDSL Easiest, this doesn’t affect you in any way and your POA won’t be revoked.

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Hello, on T+2 at about 2:30 pm if I see my CDSL easi holding statement showing the name of the stock I bought on T day, I can safely sell it right? There’s no chance of short delivery?
That is, once I see the stock in my holding details in cdsl easi portal, I can consider successful delivery of the stocks to my demat acct?

Because before 2:30 pm it doesn’t show in the holdings in cdsl easi portal. And in kite it will as usual show T1 holdings for the enitre day on T+2