Zerodha CNC Stock Purchase Charges

Zerodha CNC Stock Purchase Charges
Charging prices according to share price -
For purchasing a 1 stock of MRF, your charges are -

When I click on charges, it gets me till here -

4000 Rs stock almost Rs 5 charge only for buying

Extremely sad to see that Discounted brokers also have started charging for this.

When contacting support, they always say the charges are mentioned here.
And give this brokerage calculator which itself shows fewer charges but practically when executing a trade (BUY and SELL), these charges are definitely higher, no matter how many measures you take.

What do you mean by “started”?
Haven’t these charges always been applied? :thinking:

Also, in the screenshot that you shared,
the majority of the charges applied (STT, Stamp-duty) are irrespective of the broker one uses.

No. Adding the details of the above MRF Buy order in the calculator, results in the same charges.

By the way, from your recent posts on this forum,
it seems like many of the concepts involved may be new to you,
and you are finding surprises at each step.

It might be helpful to rephrase your posts as inquiries and not as complaints/rants.
(so that others are more inclined to help with clarifications, and not dismiss/flag these posts)

Also, in case you haven’t already,
a pass through Varsity by Zerodha – Markets, Trading, and Investing Simplified.
should help set the right expectations about the various aspects involved.

Hi @yogeshkhetani, the brokerage for equity delivery trades is 0. We charge a token amount of 1 paise per contract note as services cannot be provided for free as per income tax rules.

Apart from brokerage, statutory charges such as STT, exchange transaction charges, SEBI charges, stamp duty, and GST will be applicable. These are based on turnover, given the quantity remains the same, these will be lower for stock with a lower price and higher for that with a higher price. Please refer to this article for more details: What is the brokerage at Zerodha for equity?

You’re a funny guy.

Thank you for your reply. I may sound elementary (school kid) for you.

But this feature addition of Margin when purchasing stock in CNC wasn’t showing earlier. It’s only in recent days its coming up.

So my question is -
Are these charges getting applied for stock purchased in CNC, i.e., long-term?
Is it different from what’s mentioned here - List of all fees, charges, and taxes on trading and investing – Zerodha



Have you purchased any stock before?
If yes, have you read the contract note for the same?
The above charges have always been applied.

I believe this somewhat recent feature is to ensure that one can see an estimate of the the charges involved upfront (instead of having to manually calculate/estimate).