Zerodha Coin Access from Perfios


I have at least 18 SIPs a week for next 2 years.

It’s very much a pain to keep updating the same manually on Personal Finance Management tools if I want review my complete financial position.

As far as I can tell, the only tool compatible with Zerodha Coin is MProfit. I’m not completely happy with the same as it lacks autoupdation features for banks, fd etc.,

Please let me know if you have plans to support 3rd party access (for auto-updation) to Zerodha Coin for vendors like Perfios etc.,


The new contract notes support perfios for equity trades. For mutual fund trades, will connect to them now and find out what they need.


Thanks for your kind support!

We have a very complex portfolio of investments that becomes difficult to manage without 3rd party tools.


Hi Nithin

Any news on this?



Is there any update on this?