Zerodha Coin Charges and Benefits

I am planning to invest in the mutual fund for the very first time (debt fund to be specific), I have some doubts:

  1. If a person invests through Coin, what charge one pays additional compared to directly buying from an AMC?
  2. What is the difference if I invest directly through AMC and through Zerodha Coin?

Hi @Shiv_Katira

Coin is absolutely free for mutual funds. There are no charges involved.

Although this answer by Nithin is 6 years old, it should help you out with the answer to the question - Why coin?

Thank you @Meher_Smaran

I have another doubt.

  1. During what time I can buy and sell my mf holding?
  2. How many days it would take from the date of selling mf on coin to get the amount credited in my bank account?

The cut-off time for getting same day NAV for mutual fund investments is 12:30 PM for liquid funds and 2 PM for all other schemes. More here.

For selling mutual funds, the cutoff time is 3 PM. The time taken for redemption proceeds to get credited to your bank account depends on settlement time of the fund, you can check this the redemption order window. More here.

You pay none charges for mutual funds
But while investing from coin you get mutual fund units in your demat account like stocks you have to pay anual AMC charges for zerodha demat account only.

Also not sure after SEBI rule for EOP1 and EOP2 category platform for direct mutual-funds what will be changed in coin… can anyone answer this?