Zerodha Coin - mutual fund analysis

Hi! @nithin you have done excellent job by providing facility to invest in Direct Mutual Fund.

When are you providing option of STP and SWP?
It will be great help if CAGR values are shown…
Tax P&L statement for financial year will also a great relief.
Some kind of analysis tool will make it very interesting…

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Answering on behalf of Nithin -

This is work in progress.

We do provide this for funds. Select any fund on Coin and you should be able to see the CAGR performance

Again, on our list of things to do. However, for time being you can do this manually by going to the order history and downloading the CSV.

Hopefully soon :slight_smile:

@Karthik I think you are talking about the 1/3/5 yr return that Coin showing. But I am looking for XIRR for my investments on a MF occurring at irregular intervals. Displaying XIRR right on the dashboard for each MF next to where you display P&L will be quite useful for us as it is a good info on performance of my investment besides absolute P&L.

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I wonder if there are similar negative moments right now?))