Zerodha Console & Family Portfolio View - Support for adding custom columns to the view

Console Portfolio and Family Portfolio view allows us to look at the detailed view of the personal and family investments. That’s good, but if we require any other details than the one listed in those entries - then we are blocked and can’t obtain that data from Console view.

For example, If we wanted to look into the details of the stock / ETF / MF that we have invested in - then there is no way to jump from this entry to the MF view in Coin / Stock view in Kite. We are forced to manually copy the details, and then look it up ourselves.

Also, For Mutual Funds, it might be interesting to provide options to add columns that list down the expense ratio / exit load / other details of the mutual fund. Similar options might make sense for Stocks / ETFs as well.

On a related note, Would it be possible to export the Console Family Portfolio View to an PDF / Excel file so that these details can be saved for record purposes.

If you add a family member, all the holdings in their Console portfolio will show up in your family section, which includes Stocks, ETFs, GSECs, MFs etc.

We’ll soon have trade-wise charges in Console reports, also, explore the download option for the family portfolio in the upcoming updates.

Could you please DM more details?

I would like to have more details to be included (on demand) into these Family Portfolio view to help us analyse and manage the portfolio for optimal returns.

Like, it would be nice to have ability to mention how a specific Stock / MF is performing comparing to last few days / month - this would help us re-balance the portfolio and take corrective actions.

Also, It would be nice to have a column that could include the category details like Large / Mid / Small Cap / Others in stocks / MFs, so that this helps us to group stocks / MFs based on their category / sector.

Similarly, specifically about Mutual Funds, it would be better, if there is a provision to add a column(s) to include other details about the Funds - like tags, exit load and may be split based on large / mid / small cap constituency of the fund.

@TheGouda FYI.

Ability to add more details like whether the fund is long / short term holding, along with the ability to compute short term profit / loss, and long term profit / loss instead of combining all funds into one group. This would help us identify and consider to include MF returns in Tax Harvesting, if needed.

Also, a long time requesting feature is the ability to save the Family Portfolio details to probably an spreadsheet / PDF file so that this can be used for personal records / audit purposes.

@nithin @TheGouda It has become a real problem for me to track multiple accounts of mutual fund portfolio thru Coin / Console.

In Console Reports, All the Mutual Funds Holdings values that are displayed are more than a day old - and never shows the actual worth of the portfolio ( Value of MF holdings being displayed on T day is T-2 values). This kind of beats the purpose of tracking family portfolio through Console. Is it possible to get this fixed and ensure at the very least T - 1 day values will be shown in reports??

Also, it would be nice to have capability to add additional columns to the report - like investment date, TER, Category of Fund and other related fields.

Having this checked.

Hi @VamshiKrishna

  1. For 90% of Mutual Fund schemes NAVs are announced at the end of the trading day by 11 PM from the AMCs and are pushed to AMFI, the data on AMFI gets updated by midnight 1 AM and in some cases by 3-4 AM and are updated by data vendors on the morning of T+1 day. This includes only Liquid and Equity schemes and not the schemes having international underlying
    a. Equity Schemes NAV is announced by 9 PM on T-day
    b. Liquid Schemes NAV is announced by 11 PM on T-day
    c. International Underlying Schemes NAV is announced by 12 PM on T+1 day

  2. Considering the International schemes as well, the Bhav copy for Mutual Funds is generated by T+1 day at 3 PM, which is then used by Console to calculate the Mutual Fund P&L on the night of T+1 day.

  3. As a result, on T+2 day, the holdings on Console reflect the NAV as of T day. This approach provides the most accurate representation of holdings on console for equity and debt schemes.

To know more please refer to the below article.

In regards to TER and other details of the scheme to show on console we are already working on a revamp and shall be live soon.

@Neelesh I am not sure, i understand the details completely here. But, it seems like you are saying different MF Fund Categories update NAV at different times of the day.

As of now for all equity funds, with the current approach, Holdings in Coin and Holding in Console Family Portfolio are not in sync at any point in time Wouldn’t it be nice to have the Holding values listed in Console be in sync with Holding values in Coin? - IMO, this would not confuse the customer, and this is what i would expect in basic case.

Doesn’t it make sense to display the same holdings in both Coin and Console applications? Switching from Console to Coin is not easy for me - as this means, i need to track multiple family members portfolio in Coin application in isolation. If this is the only solution suggested by your team, then for me Family Portfolio feature is not useful at all due to this above quoted reason.

On Coin the NAV updates as per what the data vendor releases, It does not have reliability on any trade process to view the values or transactions, but on Console things work differently, We run a backend process to comprise the values of holdings and NAV to show the details. We cannot show the NAV whenever released from the data vendor and update on Console.

Yes, they do, if you check the AMFI website that quotes
NAV is required to be disclosed by the mutual funds on a daily basis. The NAV per unit of all mutual fund schemes have to be updated on AMFIís website and the Mutual Funds’ website by 11 p.m. of the same day. Fund of Funds are allowed time till 10 a.m. the following business day to update the information.

Yes, it would be nice, but there are complications in the reconciliation where there will be a mismatch in the values, this will not be possible as of now.

@Neelesh Is it possible to consider showing T - 1 holding values in Console, so that this would at-least mean the data would be correct for Equity and Liquid Mutual Funds? Then the difference would only be with International Underlying Schemes Mutual Funds.