Zerodha Data feed

Does zerodha provide live nse/bse data feed or there is some delay??

It’s live.

Its live but my experience suggest to check bse and nse sites too. That is what I do and many times I have found discrepancy in feed. There might be many reason, slow connection, slow pc response , etc.

Its sampled from high frequency data and the data might be slightly different for each user. Thats the best you can get - unless you colocate at NSE server. This is as live as live gets. Its like watching live cricket but some channels show at different lags.

Those websites are delayed by 1 to 2 mins, try not to compare those sites with live feed.

Thank you for super fast response but I do compare rates nowadays in most of the cases.

Why would u compare with NSE website? Its the slowest feed possible

It has delay of around 2 minutes

I think Zerodha konws what I am referring toooo!!!

There is an app called webull. It gives live feeds and i have noticed that it is faster than zerodha in volatile stocks where price changes very quickly like PC Jewellers, Just Dial, etc.

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Thank you very much. I will try it.

I know you are hardcore supporter of zerodha. tell me what you do when you genuine issue is not resolved even after 2 months and it causes more financial losses? I just created a topic in general board regarding my issue and now I dont see it. :frowning:

Sir, what your problem? Why do you moan so much?

None of your business if I moan!!!

It is sir. Because the platform is public and your moaning is unfortunately public.

:slight_smile: First I am not moaning, it is your perception that I am moaning. :slight_smile: I hope you feel better now. Atleast I am feeling good. I am really sorry if had hurt you. And thank you you made me realized that I am on my own and there is no way the platform will help in solving problems. You have to find your own solution. Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Haha yaar i am not hardcore supporter or anything, if u check my posts, i am also quite a conspiracy theorist lol. At the end of the day, we know retailers are at a disadvantage

I even made one post few days ago that NSE wantedly disabled Vakrangee scrip for brokers (on the day of its reversal) so that retailers could not buy it and dont enjoy the Upper circuits

Anyways out of the options we have, I think Zerodha feed is pretty fast. It may not be the best, but I think it may be the same as any other broker’s. Also I usually dont take trades which may require me having precision to the millisecond or so.

Yes they have deleted some 3 or 4 threads of mine till now, and i have been here just over a month haha

You need to give example how u feel there is slowness in the feed, maybe you are a scalper or more experienced trader. Your experience may be different than ours. I also trade, but I never felt the feed causes me any disadvantage

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