Zerodha demat now available with NSDL!


Zerodha demat now available with NSDL!!

Zerodha Securities Private Limited

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@nithin Are you opening accounts with NSDL now?


No, not yet.




Operationally in the backend, everything is wired towards supporting only CDSL DP. We have taken a membership, but we are quite some time away to offer this to our clients. There are many other things of priority that our tech team is currently working on.


How would this impact a trader/investor? Demat in CDSL vs Demat in NSDL?


I believe there would be minor impact like products & services offered by NSDL vs CDSL.

Buying GSEC might be possible with NSDL…


Isn’t T-Bills and GSEC already available on Zerodha via Coin?


Maybe hire techies more sir!

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Makes 0 difference.


Can I move my NCDs, SGB, Infra Bonds from my HDFC Securities a/c to my existing Zerodha account? HDFC Securities is with NSDL. Earlier Zerodha was with CDSL. Now that it is also available with NSDL, will it help in the transfer?


When would you start providing NSDL demat accounts?


can i transfer my holdins off zerodha CDSl to NSDL, i have already with sharekhan