Zerodha Displaying PnL based on averages

Hi All,

Today I did 11 trades in M&MFIN Futures and zerodha is displaying the below as PnL in the positions page

But when I try to find the PnL by breaking down the trades it seems to be little different it looks as below


When I try to find average on buy/sell price of 11 trades it is displaying as per zerodha help me understand how zerodha with consider the PnL and end of the day how will be considered and credited as my PnL

If they consider PnL by averaging the buy and Sell price I am loosing 4000 near by.

Can some one clarify me on this

All contract notes are prepared based on averaged values for the day

There is more to trading than what is visible on the top.

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I am afraid after watching this,but after 10 Min i saw that you not include stamp duty.
please add all charges and then upload your results
let us know

@nithin sir please comment on this topic

I am guessing you are doing your calculations wrong. You take individual trades do P&L and add up or take an average across all trades, P&L should be the same.

Exchanges and hence all brokers do it based on average of all trades.