Zerodha enabling US trading in next 6 months - Reddit

Hello! I happen to come across the Reddit AMA of Zerodha where one point particularly interested me, that is, Zerodha is enabling us to trade in the US Stock Markets? That is awesome. Is it true? Which means Zerodha is planning to go live within 2019 itself.

Also, I’d like to suggest a feedback to Zerodha, which is to enable to 1-Click trade, predefined watchlists and GTC order.

Btw, 1-Click Trading is something which Upstox offers and I didn’t know about it. It is absolutely a delightful feature, give it a try you’ll be hooked. Right from the charts, just enter the qty. and buy…sell…buy…sell… Just click on the options.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Trading from charts is there in our list of things to do. Predefined watchlists will be coming soon. We are working on something similar to GTC thing. Yes, this year we will allow zerodha users to invest in US equities.


i’ve used upstox pro, it’s kind of slowing down when three or more widgets added. besides the entry and exit point notation on chart, there’s nothing beneficial in there because the template has to be loaded everytime we open a new chart, it consumes time… one click trade is there in zerodha pi charts, but profit/loss, entry/exit, we have to draw line and check the position window, again time consuming for a scalper… good to hear Zerodha updating trading from charts…

Hey, don’t know about that. I was among the early adopters of Zerodha and Upstox when it was just around 5000 clients or so. Honestly speaking, I love both Zerodha and Upstox.

With your issue of slowing down of Upstox Pro, it isn’t happening with me, write to them for clarifications. About 1-Click Trade, I can’t use Pi since I’m a Macbook user. Zerodha keeps saying that their priority is the web platforms, then again words has to translate to actions right? Kite highly needs a revamp and I’m a staunch supporter about it. No market activity, no scanning, nothing! Just one chart and upto 200 tickers. That’s it. Like it or not, Upstox Pro has won my heart.

At Upstox, I have added around 700 stocks in just 1 watchlist, 1-Click Trade helps me get in and out in a jiffy and it is highly customisable and “stable”.

Zerodha is pioneer of the reports and stuff and with trading platforms I feel now Upstox has the edge.

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Only investing? or leverage too? Intraday products?

I don’t think Govt regulations allow leverage in foreign markets.

Not allowed for individuals under LRS to trade in foreign leveraged products, hence only investing.

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It is also not allowed to the company too!
Am i right ?

Pls reply

Applicable for companies also.

Will there be any possibility to do intraday in US using just cash account?

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@siva I have one doubt can i swing trade in US Stocks, like buying stock and keeping in demat and after some week, month selling it ,short term trade is it legal??

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That is fine, you can do it.

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Hello, @siva @nithin
Hope y’ll are safe. I was wondering, if US investing could be enabled on Zerodha before the US presidential elections? Also, I’d be glad if you can drop a video or a blog about the features, more like a teaser? Please?

For sure we will in next 2 months.

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That would be great.

You need minimum $25k in your account to do intraday trading in US. (I am not sure about regulations for foreign participants)

No minimum limit for FNO though

LOL no, I’m into US swing trading from more than a year, you don’t need that much, you only need $25k for margin account, but not cash account, cash account has no minimum with some brokers, also I don’t do intraday because its a grey area according to rbi

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