Zerodha Fund Withdrawal Update


Hello Bro @nithin @Karthik

Zerodha is continuosly Launching New Platforms to Help Retail Traders
Like Recently Sensibull
Before That Coin

and Now UPI Payment Gateway for Funds Addition

I Have 2 Questions or You Can Say
2 Requests From a 5 Year Old Client of Zerodha

1 - Is Zerodha have any Plans to Launch IMPS Fund Withdrawal ?
As Most of Full Time Brokers now Provide This Service

2 - I Read in a Article… that you get NBFC License…Now Zerodha will soon start Margin Funding for
Equity delivery.
Any Updates on Margin Funding ?

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  1. Margin Funding 'll be launched by Zerodha, once they launch Zerodha Crux - An in-house backend platform. Now the question is, when they 'll launch Crux?
    If I’m right, it’s already crossed the launch schedule by few weeks.

Its easy to get funds into zerodha but its too difficult to get it out … since last 1 -2 months… All their applications are new except for their fund withdrawal page …zerodha wants it that way i guess


why not UPI for fund withdrawal too

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Fund withdrawal is the only major issue I am facing with Zerodha. If I withdraw my funds today I will get it two days later - on 3rd October. But I want to spend that amount tomorrow as it is a holiday for me. Fund deposit happens instantly which is great but fund withdrawal should also be done on the same evening. @nithin can we expect same day withdrawal in the future?


Yes, one of our biggest things to do.


I guess you should be doing it at top priority before you get a directive from SEBI.

Meanwhile ICICI direct “eATM” order, where you get money instantly on selling your shares.

It is not the biggest thing to do…it has always been the last thing to do as what I got a reply from Zerodha… Can share it if you want.