Zerodha future plans for trading security under crucial times with growing accounts numbers

It has been a good journey with zerodha for past 6 years almost. In past years during some energetic historic fall events of trading i have seen many times some technical issues rising in portal kite. So far things been okay and good as i love Zerodha for breaking the barriers of Indian stock markets.
But now as the account numbers are rising very rapidly so what are future plans to keep us safe for decades to come from upcoming catastrophic events to prevent too many orders congestion or any other event. Also are there any plans for a dedicated desktop app? @nithin

If you compare our up time to any of our competition within India or outside India, we would definitely be among the least in the last 2+ years. Of course when we have an issue the noise is louder because we are much bigger. The last 2+ years especially the first half of 2020 was volatility that I don’t think broking platforms had seen any time historically apart from 2008. We had no issues then.

At the back end today Zerodha is run by 4 different setups and can handle a lot more load than what we are currently handling. We have learnt lessons from issues we faced in 2017/2018 when we first saw sudden scale up in our business.

There are no desktop app plans.


that was good reply and i have good faith in your company also i wish you will grow in the Industry for years to come.
thanks for reply