Zerodha High margin req?


Today I tried buying a total of 6600 quantity Amaraja Jun futures for Delivery.

It was rejected for margin requirement.
“rms:margin exceeds,required:1179386.50”

In another broker, the same order, at the same time, only expected a required margin of 9.44L

Buying price and quantity, as well as market conditions were same for both orders.
Just to test it out I placed the orders simultaneously.
Screenshots are available if required.

Why does Zerodha charge higher margin?

Hmm… I am checking our margin requirement, says 65k for 1 lot of 600. So should be around Rs 7.5lks for 6600. I am guessing you had another pending order which was blocking margin.

Will check & get back
Perhaps I got the calculation wrong.

And most of my holdings etc are in zerodha.
I’m actually pulling out of upstox

But I’m unable to get let go of their price alert feature
I get a app notification & email instantly.

Really really helpful

Pl consider adding this to Zerodha!