Zerodha increased inconvenience in the name of 2fa

Earlier I used to simply login to kite from mobile browser using User id, password and PIN. It was simple and smooth. I didn’t use an app because I’ve a basic smartphone with less storage.
But from today, Zerodha is asking to generate app code from app and then login. So in a way keeping an app has become compulsory.
Espresso on the other hand is allowing to login from mobile browser by simply entering User id and password and an OTP sent through sms/email

Hey @ANKIT_T, downloading the app is not mandatory. You can skip the App Code by enabling TOTP. You can check the process here. Also, TOTP app can be downloaded on your desktop/laptop too.

Alternatively, on Kite web, you can also request for OTP via SMS and email by clicking on “Problem with Mobile App Code”.