Zerodha Kite AMO Stop Loss order

Hello @nithin,
Firstly really appreciate the all the innovation you bring to the industry.
Now my query is regarding if I am a breakout trader and want to put Stop Loss Order after market hours , I am unable to do so . This brings lots of limitation from trading perspective.

secondly assuming I have 10 lac in my account and I am interested in building 10 position worth of 1 lac each, I will be forced to put only 10 trades with 1 lac each. if I have 20 setups and put a stop loss or limit order of 20 orders we deduct the margin as and when the total exposure is completed and reject the remaining orders.

on the face of it looks simple to do but I am sure that there nuances which I am not able to foresee please assist in understanding.

SL equity on AMO will be out anytime soon.

I didn’t get your second question though. If you are looking for leverage to have multiple setups, you can place orders using MIS (intraday with leverage), convert them to CNC (delivery) before end of trading day by blocking 100% capital. This way you will get a way to leverage more.

Thanks @nithin
You answered my 2nd question as well. Just 2 last question on this topic.

  1. How will we know when the SL order for Equity AMO will be released
  2. Are we planning to have the same for F&O


I guess SL in AMO works for F&O. Currently it is not working only for equity.

Hello @nithin,
Stop loss for AMO out ?

It will be back soon for equities.

You have been saying this for the last 4 months. Can you please be more specific, as to when stoploss AMO orders in equity segment will be available. Atleast give us a ballpark time estimate…

Hmmm, this should hopefully come out with Kite 3.0 in one package. Fingers crossed.

Already available on Kite 3.0.

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Sir i want to ask is there any difference in brokerage for high net worth traders???

Well why didn’t you say so. Great job. Did not imagine it would happen so fast…

No, brokerage same for everyone.

Than how Mr. Ashwani Gujral openly saying on twitter that with 124 lot of bank nifty and order book of 135 order ,he is paying only 50-60k brokerage…but in zerodha brokerage calculator it showing in lakhs???

hmm… our brokerage is Rs 20 per executed order. If you place 135 orders, it will be only Rs 2700 Rs. If 120 bank nifty is bought in one order, you pay only Rs 20. Other charges like STT and extra will be higher.

so total brokerage including STT and other charges should be in svereral lakhs not only 50-60k…and one more thing sir he has posted this pic at 9:28 am…so how it is possible to execute 113 order in 10 minutes…is there some software available for this which we don’t know???

Those 113 are notifications, there could be multiple notifications for one trade. Also, unless you know the quantity, not possible for you to guess the charges.