Zerodha Kite intraday data mismatch

I am really confused here what to do with this. I am now just over 1 year into trading and really like to learn/trade at short timeframes. Currently trying to build a system at 5 mins.

Now just take a look at the two screenshots i have attached.

MPHASIS 5min chart (March 2, 2023).
Take a look at the 9:25 and 9:30 candles.

The 9:25 candle is breaking my support for an opportunity trigger only to be seen now is what low it makes and does the next candle make a new low.

Kite data suggests the 9:25 low is 2015.20. Tradingview (and NSE) say it’s 2012.8 which is also the DAY LOW.
Kite data suggests the 9:30 candle made a new low. Tradingview (and NSE) say a new low was not made, market only moved upwards from there.

Just want to know can I rely on these brokers for accurate data if I put my orders in advance.

care to elaborate on whats going on here anyone from the Zerodha Kite team or a seasoned contributor here?Anyone. @siva @Arockiya_Raja

Hi @kuldeep_singh2, this has been explained in detail here:

hi Shubh. thanks for the reply. get that the intraday data comes from tick by tick screenshots. So what do you suggest for someone who use short hard stops how to avoid such thing. Noticed this a few times now. Sadly Kite was ‘wrong’ earlier as well