Zerodha Kite - Need Support for Customization of 'Holdings' Tab


I would like to give a suggest on improving the Kite Dashboard.
This is more than a suggestion… it is actually a Need for investor.

At present, the Dashboard can filtered for Equity, smallcase & Mutual Funds.
But that is not sufficient because the overall P&L is a combined result of all Securities / MFs.
It is not possible to monitor performance of for Eg. Debt MFs, Vs Equity MFs.
Or Eg. LargeCap Stokcs Vs MidCap Stocks in portfolio.

It would be good to see how different ‘sub-categories’ within portfolio are performing.
Eg. Have separate P&L lists as below
MFs :
Debt Gilt MF P&L
Debt Corp Bond MF P&L
Debt Dynamic Bond P&L

Same for Equity categories, Direct Stocks & Bonds.

Tagging feature can be provided for each portfolio item and filter based on Tag can be supported.
User can tag his portfolio items to track them separately.
Eg. Stock with 0 Debt/Eq ratio.

Debt Liquid
Debt Income.
Eq Midcap auto

Then User can filter tag wise to see the performance in each tag category.

OTHER ALTERNATIVE :slight_smile:Provide ‘Panes’ in Dashboard.
User can set name to the panes. Add / Delete / Move / Rename Panes.
Each pane shall have its own P&L display.

User can drag an portfolio item into a pane and monitor P&L in each pane.
Of course same item cannot be present in more than one pane.

Pl. check about this.
I am sure there are more scenarios and brainstorming can be done towards this value added feature.

Pl. check about the same.
I would like to know if this is considered or already in development.



Will above Request be evaluated by Zerodha Team ??

Yes, something like this is already on our list of things to do.

Is there any update on this customization request, as it is on TO DO list since 2 years. : )

This is a pretty required customization for investors to be able to categorize their investments by themselves.

@nithin or anyone else?

Yep closer to going live now, this feature. Few more weeks. We had to first launch console before we could launch this.

Thanks @nithin , eagerly waiting for it. :slight_smile:

@nithin … just wanted to have a quick catchup on this , when are we rolling this feature out?

It’s in alpha, soon will be out for closed beta.

thanks @siva

Dear Sir, Please add feature in trading view chart that order placed by Chart . Decided Price target and Stop loss trail in chart so we not open Order book for Any changes in target and Stop loss price . I will eagerly wait of this features.

Hello @nithin , any update on this feature availability ?

Should be out in coming weeks, we are testing this out.

Stock info on kite app for iOS is different from kite web . Also it doesn’t show the market cap of stocks which is displayed on kite web.Any reason for this?

After kite 3 app launch it will match with kite web.

Eagerly awaiting the Portfolio customization into different baskets. Current P&L in my Portfolio is a mix of Stock & Bonds !
Also similar customization needed for MF portfolio.

Few more weeks it will take.

Looking for debt holding category under holdings page … so that we can get equity , mutual fund , and bond holdings separately in kite …because all bonds are going to be listed to we can see their price live @siva

Not possible on kite as bonds are also come under eq series but will add a tag on console in coming days.

Can we expect a Beta functionality by this year end pls. @siva