Zerodha margins pledge- liquid bees ETF VS liquid Mutual funds

Hi Nitin bhai,
I want to know is better to put margin money ( pledged ) in liquid bees ETF or liquid fund ( now available on zerodha ) considering

  1. 50% cash margin rule is not applicable to liquid bees ETF , is it applicable to liquid fund. or not ? ( whether iliquid ETF is at par with cash like liquid bees or will be treated as stock) .
  2. Return on liquid bees is lower than liquid MF but if I will have to pay interest of 18% on liquid MF pledge used as margin above 50% limit it will be useless.

Liquid funds are treated like cash similar to liquid bees.

Above reply should answer this.

Are Niftybees also treated as liquidbees for margin purpose i.e. no 50% rule applicable?

No, niftybees are not like liquidbess, they are like stocks.

Liquid fund ie those 7 permitted by zerodha for now…isnt the perfect choice but the best available at thia moment. Tried everything else in planning…nothing else…i heard yields use to be 6.5 or even 7%…

In last 30.days odd that i bougjt n pledged am getting merely over 5%

Remember …still your best bet

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@siva Do i need to pay 18% interest if i pledge liquid funds ?

Why you need to pay if you pledge liquid funds?

If I have bought ICICI Pru Overnight Fund through Coin, how do I pledge this as cash margin, just like i do liquid bees

Check this. It is same as pledging LiquidBees.

What are you trying to say - you would not choose liquid funds?