Zerodha orders are not going through - 08-July

I have placed two market orders and one limit order.

For market orders it is in Banknifty and should have executed immediately.

For limit order, the price breached my sell price, but still the order is open.

@nithin @siva please get this fixed immediately.

Even cancelling orders is not working.


I’m experiencing the same issue and can’t cancel my orders. Additionally, Zerodha customer service is not responding to my calls.

Please help @Arockiya_Raja @Meher_Smaran :disappointed_relieved:

Even call centers are not responding to the support call. There is a voice response “We are experiencing high volume of support calls, please open support ticket.” Call is disconnected the very next moment. It means as a customer I am doomed.


yes they are not responding as they know there is a glitch.

same here. Not able to sell my swing trade…orders are not cancelling and new orders are not going through

Hi @teenscm @Champion_Trader @mmmmt

Some of our users were facing issues seeing the latest status of some orders while the orders themselves were successfully placed. This issue is now fixed.

The status for new orders is updating fine now. We’re working on updating the status for older orders. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

@Meher_Smaran The cancelled orders will be cancelled or executed now ?

The issue still isn’t resolved. I can’t cancel my orders, and my market orders are still open. Please help

If my orders have been executed, why aren’t they showing in the Positions tab? I even tried exiting by placing a sell order with the same quantity, but the order is being rejected due to insufficient funds.

How can I confirm whether my orders have actually been executed or not?

@Meher_Smaran Orders are still showing same issue. Due to old orders being stuck I’m unable to place new order for same script as it shows Qty Unavailable. What to do now? How much time will it take for you to resolve such an important issue?

@Meher_Smaran old orders are still not cancelled. Can you cancel that so we can adjust/take new positions accordingly.

If you don’t cancel and execute those orders, who will be responsible for loss?

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My old orders are now shown as executed. It was just my instinct that I should not punch the same orders. If I had gone against the instinct I would have been in a big trouble.

fixed. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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