Zerodha own charting library

@nithin why cant zerodha create its own charting library just like trading view and chart iq because ii guess terminal like nest , odin have their own charting library

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Creating a charting library is reinventing the wheel. Unless we figure out things we can add on top of it is not worth the time or the effort.


I’m not saying you should create your own library since I know it involves a lot of effort, but there definitely is scope for features you can add on top if you had one.

For a lot of charting features requested, the team’s standard response is it is not supported by ChartIQ/Tradingview (“vendor limitations/not feasible/not supported”). These limitations would not be there in your own library.

However a whole charting and rendering library is a lot of effort, don’t think it’s a job for a broker’s tech team. Maybe an association of brokers :smile:

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