Zerodha Pi vs Zerodha Kite

i’m having a hard time in choosing which one to use.
what are the pros and cons of each one?


Kite is a very light web based version. PI is full scale software windows based with many more indicators.

So if you have windows device use PI else use Kite.

Best is to have Windows Tablet with 3G/4G sim card slot for data. Use PI with this. Its handy & mobile.

Hope it helps …


Kite is better , You can access it from your mobile.

EDIT : Now Kite has BO and CO Facility.

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If you are using android mobile or tablet,then use Kite but if you are using window tablet or desktop or laptop,then PI would be the best option.


Both have Pro and Cons … I like very much coz it has all the indicators I want specially Donchain …@ZERODHA please add that to Pi

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I personally prefer KITE. Its easy to use, the user interface is good with almost no complexity. Easy to load and remove charts, technical indicators, place orders.
PI, though has its own advantages, does not suit me because of its complex UI and the complexity in performing the features which I mentioned as positives for Kite. In the end, its upon you to find out what suits you best.

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Hello Trader,


If you are a DAY TRADER, you need to use Pi to make money and help you get IN and OUT of trade positions very fast.

By using the PopOut window option and Order HOT KEYS on Pi you can keep watch of your chart indicators, M2M and place buy sell orders at the same time.

If you are are a SWING TRADER or INVESTOR, you still need Pi to use its advanced tool features and backtesting engine to test your investment stratergy.

Hope this helps.

Cover and bracket order are not availble in Kite.

Kite is a web trading application which have a super simple user interface, brilliant charting, intuitive searchand filters, lightning fast trading, and more. 

Pi is a software/desktop trading application way more features than Kite.

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KIte is good no doubt … but its not my first choice when i comapre it with PI … Pi can look difficult at first but if you put little hardwork about undertsanding how Pi operates i am sure you will stick to PI . Pi is much much more faster than Kite . Kite Mobile app Does Not have Volume , Open Interest , ATP , LTT etc in Market Depth which i feel is important for analysis . I personally only use kite if i am on the move or i have a position Open and Cant Access PI regularly . I basically just use Kite to watch price and place my SL orders on my swing trades when i am on the move , i don use kite for any analysis at all . so if your strategy involves analysis then i would highly recommend stick to PI and use Kite only when you are on the move to exit your trades .


backtesting is great in pi

one of the reason I use Kite more than Pi is it can bypass organizations Firewall’s :wink: and I don’t use AFL signals.

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pi is not yet as robust as kite. So many improvements need to be done.

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I was used zerodha from last one year, it was very nice experience. I am part time trader so I don’t need zerodha pi tools so I mostly prefer zerodha kite or mobile app. But from last one week I fetched too much problem from kite and mobile app. If I placed order and I want to modify or cancel that order I was not able to do that, after logout and re-login it shows " OMS time out or MSG failure " , I lost good amount of money because of only not able to modify and cancel my order. And worst case is zerodha customer care call waiting time was too long and one of the executive literally cut my phone I was very frustrate , and looking for other discount broker.

It was my experience with kite and mobile app but it vary person to person. I was never expect from zerodha team but it’s technical issues and they still working on that hope so very soon they solve there problem.


Myself & all my friends have been regularly facing these issues & made losses but Zerodha team seems to be clueless as yo why its happening. I’ve written separately on this.

Pi seems to be better anytime as it works.

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I am new to trading Q&A but one year old zerodha customer, I also faced these type of problems with there both trading platforms pi or kite web, but when I asked them about it they always said no one complaint such a problem its specific to you.

they never listen to good ideas but they impose their own in both trading platforms.

but now we have option to change discount broker with good technical tools but some reasons their brokerage is too high, they guys are doing very well in trading platform, they are only one year old but their tools are very good. they are fyers

Does this bother others?
For me the biggest issue with Pi is you cannot scroll chart vertically like in kite.
This makes huge difference, because it changes the prospective and bias of the chart, when price is trending, the active candle is trying to kiss the extreme right hand corners of screen.
This also makes diffcult placing Risk Reward horizontal lines.