Zerodha Referral program fail

@zerodhateam @NithinKamath

I really enjoy your highly tech based platforms. Paying around 10k a month across various family accounts for API. Paying brokerage in the sum of lacs.

Today I was disappointed by your referral process.

1- I used the ref link for an account, and then the account doesn’t show as referred.

2- Contacted support, they say once lead is generated referral cannot be added. The account opening process has not been completed yet, so why?

3- I spoke to someone before your referral program started for a zerodha partner program(I think that’s what it was called) and was told it would be ok to open accounts now and when the number of accounts opened would be 50-60 then they can all be mapped to me. Now that your referral program is on, I asked for the old accounts to be linked/referred to each other. Answer is no.

4- There is no referral code box in the online form. Even if I do an offline form once the lead is generated i.e. number and email registered their is no way to add a referral.

While the amount coming in from all this is not big, I still consider it good practice for a company to maintain their word regarding mapping clients to me at a later date.

Since the referral program is now on, either give a referral ID box or give a way to eliminate the lead and start over. They referral whether it is coming through or not is a step after lead generation but no way to go back and restart with referral. And the support says once lead is generated there is no way to add referrer.

Would really appreciate if you would fix this and for my accounts to be linked. Those that are in process(I have paused the form for now) and don’t show in referred. Even though I used the link to open them.

Since I know you guys like to be helpful and can see the problems above I am hoping you will give an immediate solution for both the old accounts(2)) and the in process accounts(2) and another one to be started on Sunday. Plus 5 more over the course of 2-3 weeks.

Possible solution: Ask the clients to add referral on their kite/console for a limited time. Not looking for retro-active commission but going forward.

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Dear Client,

Our team will contact you to discuss about referral program and process flow. Please feel free to write to [email protected] for further queries.

Thanks for the answer, which is what I got from support as well and I have mentioned in detail the problem and the response from the support people.

I would highly appreaciate a specific reply about the query.

This is not a one time problem.

We will provide you all the required details, the concerned department itself will call you.

Can you please send a email to [email protected]. When we contacted today we did not got a proper response.

I have sent an email.

We could not find a ticket from your registered email ID.

I have sent ticket from my main email address referencing this thread.

Can you search by the thread reference? Or I can send you a message on twitter.