Zerodha’s Snooty Elitism

Recently I came across zing by zerodha a YouTube educational channel to inspire or give reality checks to new generation of traders… Have to say I’m disappointed to the core seeing their latest video of on day trading… This entire idea which is being pushed through that trading is not for commoners you should focus on this investment only as the “ as the Aam admi” of this country is so irritating and snooty in nature… we all know trading is difficult but also want to know what’s that 1 prcnt is doing differently which is making them successful but here we are a company whose back bone is Retailers they have been looked down upon if they want to do trading via so called educational channel of zerodha… hypocrisy died 100 times every time these so called creators of educational content said we want to help Retailers :joy::joy:

I do not like to be negative but there are lies when they told about not promoting with the help of finfluencers. Affiliate links, a cut in brokerage every time someone buy and someone sells and so on and is still happening .

I think in the business there’s only half arsed truth and it’s all relative … :man_shrugging:

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I haven’t seen the content you’re talking about, but I also wouldn’t advise anyone to take up full time trading. It’s not worth it - not just in terms of money and time but also the toll it takes on your mental health.

Taking up trading or not it’s an individual’s choice… we are no one to comment upon on that … my reference is to this hypocrisy’s of the elite’s … while they thrive upon Retailers but also never shy away from making fun of them and their innocence… I wonder These so called educational content of zerodha dare to make fun of pump and dump done by institutions in Stocks with examples just the way they ridicule Retailers and their innocence when it comes to day trading :joy::joy:

Made me go and look at these video and found one on FD.

Agree with you not on the video you say but one on FD. Frivolous way of trying to teach what FD does and does not do. Cant even call this amateurish video, It is like a school boy asked to do a project on Fixed Deposits. Say things here and there, zoom in and zoom out and in the end what did I learn nothing…

Surprised it is coming from Zerodha… who has a Varsity which is a go to site for any

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“To do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world, the most difficult and the most intellectual.” - Oscar Wilde.

Retail traders are not regarded with disdain.

I’m very optimistic about Retailers… day will come when these snooty elites will realise the importance of Retailers and will stop treating them like idiots in financial markets

Watchman’s job for the most part is indeed difficult.

“To do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world, the most difficult and the most intellectual.” suggests that engaging in purposeful inactivity or simply being idle can be challenging. It implies that refraining from any form of action requires a certain level of intellectual discipline and self-control. This perspective contrasts with the notion that keeping busy or constantly doing something is the ideal way to demonstrate intellect or capability.
By doing a watchman’s job, one isn’t doing nothing in the sense of being idle or purposefully inactive. Instead, the watchman is engaged in a specific and important task that demands constant awareness. The difficulty of the watchman’s job lies in the requirement to stay alert and attentive even during times when there may be no apparent activity or immediate threats. This aligns with the idea that doing nothing, or seemingly doing nothing, can be intellectually challenging.

I said as much.

Last question. How much do you pay your watchman?

In accordance with prevailing industry norms.

Sounds like you got a good one. My watchman is no good!

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