Zerodha shares our trading SL with operators

He is not the only one…plz read whichever day i trade …i get a call… Thats my doubt…y not on those days when i don’t trade

As per my knowedge market makers and big operators have access to more detailed data, order book depth, this information is provided at additional cost.

Also this is a a common principle that we should never keep a stop loss base on how much you want to lose but should we must see support/resistance and other factors to define our stoploss. Actually you may have kept SL @ 140.5 the resistance +0.5 to avoid whipsaws. Then tour trade may have been very profitable.

Let’s see what zerodha team say about this.

Check your phone man. Does it have post calling service like in the movie Karthik calling karthik. Do you have schizophrenia?

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This is strange, I never got calls from anyone like this.

Plz update your mobile number to zerodha…sorry just kidding…may be u r lucky

Of course, you are blaming the broker. Your question title itself says that

Now, let me explain the other bits. There are no dark pools and it’s not possible to sell order flows in India. If a stock price reaches a level where you have placed an SL it will be hit. That’s how the market works. Just because your SL got hit twice doesn’t mean there is manipulation. You can throw around unsubstantiated claims.

Sounds like an advisory firm from Indore This is a common issue. Every trader here would have got at least a 100 such calls. There are multiple threads on the same forum about this. Here you go

You are not alone!!!

Check this post

Sorry to all zerodha users…i felt this bcoz of last 4 SL hits in BO order. Yest sbi and today pnb and some others in last few days. I am using zerodha from past 3 years. And keep on getting calls from operators for every trade. The wordings from recent operator that i made a loss today socked me. Getting mobile number is somewhat ok. But getting my trade details and my SL will really arise a doubt that who is providing them such info. Thats it.

Hai Abhishek
Good evening
Your statement is confusing other new traders boss , how can any body else log in to your zerodha account , you are very much wrong on your words and statement
Hope you need to read about zerodha properly
This is one of the best and Reliaable trading platform providing worndetful service to all traders with least trading commissions

We should be great full to Mr Nitin Kamat of zerodha who has given chance to all people to earn money with his company risk more than customers money
As we get huge leverage in bracket orders and futures with very Less commission compared to other competitors
Zerodha will not share anything to others don’t have this confusion in your mind boss
Try to go through all zerodha kite application you tube videos u can understand better
Futures trade is risky u can earn more and equally loose more
U need to have lot of experience for futures trading
Hope u will not make such statement in future
Pls try and clarify your doubts we QNA group will answer your queries to resolve your doubts
Wishing you happy Trading
Suresh Ramaiah


Sir … I respect ur reply … Its not about login in to my account. …its all about what order i place on zerodha…and do they provide our SL details to operators …so that they can make money and we loose money.that’s it sir. Many cases has happened like this and u can find many threads on it. I may be one of the victim …or it may be my bad luck and bad analysis. Don’t get offended.

Where can I see them?

I can only laugh at this situation. Sorry . :slight_smile:

Since you have been trading for so long , you should know that institutions hunt for Stop losses.

Z is not some bucket shop where they will hunt your SL.

If you still believe Z is hunting your SL, why don’t you trade with another broker and see if your SL are getting hit.

Put on the same trade on both brokers and see if your SL are hit , then you can conclusively prove if Z is hunting your SL.


Put your stoploss a little wide. Put it below the level you think others have also placed their stoploss orders like putting it little much lower than the swing low or little much lower than the ATR or whatever techniques you use. And pls don’t place order in whole number place it in decimal.


Your SL is too close and PNB was very volatile.


So you are telling, an operator sitting with a Nokia 1100 somewhere in Indore managed to manipulate SBI(M. Cap of 1,03,447.40 Crores)?


Dear abhishek,
Regarding the SL i replied to the same concern as yours earlier.Pl keep in mind that SL decision is not that easy, we can only perfect to some extent.

  1. SL should not be too small (in pnb it was 2 only when it was too volatile).
    2.SL Should be calculated according to timeframe one is trading and importantly shd follow some setup.
    3.Placing Sl for random trades is near to impossible.
    If you want more ideas on SL , can contact me (9840946959) as it’s not possible to mention all as it so be too lenghty.I hope you will agree.

Earlier I also asked similar Question

But now I have got the answer.
So trading successfully :slight_smile:

PNB was so volatile in last 3 days it could have hit SL at 3% levels with ease. When you are fishing in a very volatile share it is all about patience and deep pockets to take losses in case the price goes opposite. Tech analysis and SLs don’t work in such situations. Had you held the ground you would have minted money and that is the beauty of such volatile markets. For that matter take any stock since last 3 days, you will find that it was moving both ways and would have eaten SLs on both sides.

Regarding Calls:
I used to get 4-5 calls a day. It is very simple for them.

  1. Just monitor the market - Nifty, Stocks_in_news etc.
  2. Once the volatility increases, and many people get out of the trade due to SL, start calling.
    3.“Sir, Loss kiya ki nai??? :blush::face_with_hand_over_mouth: humko sab pata hai!!!”
  3. As 95% retail make loss at EOD, high chance that they will hit the soft right spot.
    You get conned.