Zerodha stock option watch list

is there any option to add to watchlist/ view all CE/ PE’s all prices of single stock in single click .
I mean instead of adding for eg hcl 1000 ce 1200ce 1000 pe 1200 pe etc. any option to view hcl’s all PE/CE option in one click

there is no such option.
it’ll be good to have that though…

yes it should like nse optionchain screen at least ?

@moderators @Bhuvan @siva @nithin
In future, will we ever be able to see option chain etc on kite ?

It’s there right?

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thanks i got it. but is sensibull a paid one ?

You can check it by yourself.

@siva option chain option is available on the position size. it is not avaialble in watchlist dropdown menu