Zerodha streak anybody end up with profit

Used zerodha streak and end up with loss only, lots of lack in mobile app and no alerts, only 1st trigger after that it’s hanging lots

You’ve got this thing wrong! Streak doesn’t guarantee you profits. Your profits depend on how good your strategy and how well you execute it.


I am a regular user of the platform. Have never faced any notification related issues until now. It has actually given me an edge and helped generate consistent profits because now I know the math very well before trading, thanks to their simple backtest interface. You must write to them for difficulties, they are very responsive and helpful.

Can you share your strategy

Streak is really helpful, especially for technical traders. Their backtest feature is awesome. Previously people backtest by going through charts and it used to take a lot of time to truly validate a strategy before deployment. But Streak has reduced hours and hours of work.

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I ran backtest with order type as MIS with 100000 for HDFC(price is around 1813 today). For the same I get leverage of 8x with which I can buy 461 shares but the backtest gives error(NO TRADES WERE EXECUTED FOR THIS ALGORITHM SINCE THE INITIAL CAPITAL IS TOO LOW.


What do you do if they provide very good win/loss ration with +ve win percentage? You simply run that strategy every day or you simply modify after first few losses which might happen due to drawdown?

In my first experience, the backtest data was very good. But, whenever I start implementing that strategy, I most fall into losses than profits.

Do you sill use Streak? Kindly share your experience and journey with streak. That will really help.


i trade everyday
i trade on 5 minute candle chart
everyday is different, whole day up trend , whole day down trend, sea-saw chart
keeping it simple, buy/sell , place stop loss , take profit 50% in 1:1 , balance 50% continue with original SL
trade entry based on basic candle formations
do not make entry based on exotic pattern

i do not mind streak monthly fees

but i don’t understand it , nor i find it useful for 5 minute chart day-trader whose trades are active for max few hours only

if you do not get it [streak] just ignore than getting inquisitive about back testing / planning kind sacred ritual of trading

just plain trading , entry with basic candle understanding, ruthless at SL , ruthless at Partial Take Profit

ignore fancy of back testing, ignore scans

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

So, you are trading without streak on 5mins chart. Right? I am also doing that and practicing from last few months. I do get frustrated during sea-saw days as SL are hunted like animals.
I do like to try streak, but some backtest results are too good to be true. So, I was wondering if anyone here is regularly using streak and staying in profit.
I am learning price action these days. Your 50% take profit and 50% carry method is absolutely right. I did tried it few times, but unlucky most of the time.


:raised_hand: , for last 14months, profitable on weekly basis. Returns mostly more than backtest(as backtest does’t account for leverage). The backtest shown by Streak is very pessimistic in nature(or some might say realistic) as they account for slippage, taking SL instead/over TP(if SL and TP levels come in same candle), do early squareoff (at 3:15) among other things.
Have about a dozen strategies which i keep cycling b/w based on market trends and its accuracy for current market trends. Those strategies which stop working, are put on paper trading, to keep an eye on them as the underlying Idea of the strategy is still solid, it might not be just the right market.
Once the paper trade or a specific strategy starts become green, switch them over with live capital.
Some criteria for my active strategies:
Win/loss per trade ratio > 1
and winning trades/lossing trades>1
Winning Streak > Lossing Streak + 2
Also its better to look at absolute PNL made rather than %ret to make decision, as that gives you and Idea of how many trades generated how much profit.


@TradeRocket Thanks for this detailed & helpful reply. You may not believe, but this information does help a lot as it provides more clarity & also boost my confidence of giving streak a one more try.
Just wondering if I can get little more clarity from your end.

i keep cycling b/w based on market trends and its accuracy for current market trends

That means, you keep a check if the market is bullish or bearish and use bullish strategies in a bullish markets & bearish strategies in bearish markets?

for last 14months, profitable on weekly basis.

As you have mentioned, you are profitable from last 14 months. Do you feel comfortable with the dependency on streak? I mean, its an algo service which is as vulnerable as other companies in terms of existence. I am not trying to put any negative thoughts, but wondering if that does concern you when you think about long term?

Many thanks

What i mean is this:
Market goes though many cycles “trending,sideways,etc”, so the strategies i have are in bullish/bearish versions for different market scenarios. I keep these strategies always live in paper trading, just to identify which kind of market cycle the stock is showing. Once i see that a paper trading strategy matches a certain kind direction/market cycles picks up in winning the trades, i take it live in market.

This opens up a bigger questions, do i feel comfortable with the dependency on a broker to trade, on a bank to keep my money, on gov to us my tax properly, on my internet provider ?
There is some or other dependency for everything in life, that’s why are are social animals, depending on one another for our survival.
Its about a level of trust and expectations, I trust Streak to service me well and keep my account safe and private as I do with any other service to the level that can.
Also being practical and realistic, its not like my strategies are so unique and will make billion dollars(and i am sure no one else’s is too). I don’t have any unnecessary attachments to them(my strategies) and they(my strategies) are like use and throw, use till it works, until it doesn’t and then find a new one.

Long term, I have no concerns, strategies are near term and so is my concerns (that does it make money today for me).

Hope this helps you see things different light.


Thanks for such a detailed reply one more time. I opted for streak today only and realized that it is exactly after 1 year that I am trying it again.
I completely agree with your points about dependency & not giving too much worry to strategies or particular service providers.
While I am working on strategies right at this moment, I was wondering if there are any tips or info which you think every streak user should know about the platform or its usage? Just to save time or to avoid some possible pitfalls?
I believe that experience is better than knowledge in most scenarios, so I thought I should ask from the experienced trader first :slight_smile:

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