Zerodha turnover display?

Zerodha used to display total turnover of its clients on its homepage it looked cool and probably made clients trust it even more as it put turnover and people behind zerodha in the homepage, why is it removed?

Website designs also evolve over time. Facepile was a very in thing at that time.

About turnover, both exchanges and brokers were declaring them based on notional. So 1 lot of Nifty calls bought and sold, could have Rs 1500 as premium turnover ( 75 x 10 Buy and 75 x 10 Sell), the notional/contract turnover is 15lks. (10000 x 75 Buy and 10000 x 75 Sell). This is the reason why turnover on NSE used to be 4lk crores (one sided) daily.

We then had a bunch of politicians try to point out how turnover on exchanges is much more than the GDP of the country and maybe there should be more taxes. :slight_smile: Politicians don’t understand F&O. I am guessing one of the reasons why STT on F&O has gone up over the last few years.

So all the big brokers and exchanges decided that we won’t talk about notional turnover and also don’t sell the idea that thousands of crores of turnover happens through each broker daily. In any case this turnover means nothing, because we as a business earn nothing on rupee value of turnover.

I personally had an incident where a government officer asked me, if you do Rs 20,000 crores a day of turnover, even if margins are extremely less, don’t you make atleast 1% of turnover as profits. :grimacing::grimacing: Don’ you earn 1% of 20,000 or Rs 200 crores a day… :slight_smile: … He said something is wrong, when I told our revenue for entire year was Rs 200 crores that year.

So yeah, we have absolutely stopped talking about our turnover from that day… ;)… Now we say this


5 lakh plus client is an impressive number in short span of time. I think Zerodha MODI_fied by DEMO.

Hats OFF

I yearn to see when Zerodha is the largest broking house in India.

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The Biggest broker ICICI direct has around 6 Lakh clients i think at the rate zerodha is growing by end of 2017-18 FY year zerodha will be the top broker by a huge margin in India.

@KarthikNarayan Don’t you know? When new customer’s get added there are many customers leaving also.

Many Traders come with a dream of making money in stock market. But we all know what happen in reality. Averages numbers of people start with 10-20k and I can proudly say 98% of them Loss money and their Trading Account end up Showing Zero (0.00) Available balance in Just 7-8 Trading sessions.
So, what they do after this? They again add some funds but this time half of the amount as of initial amount. Again they Loss all money in just few trading Sessions.
People who are smart they left after these 2 attempts because they know this market is not their cup of tea and those who are fools they continue this cycle of lossing money for more Trading sessions but they also left after huge Loss.

See, These Brokerage Houses are design to take your Funds from your Trading Account to their Bank accounts in as possible as minimum Trading sessions. “BROKERAGE HOUSE DON’T LIKE PROFIT MAKING CLIENTS” These Profit making Clients are Annoying for them.
These Brokerage House wants you to trade as frequently as you can.
They want you to take the highest leverage products from their side.
They want you to pledge your shares.

Exchanges, Investment banks, and Brokerage houses They all are designed to work for their Profits and No matter what happens they are Always in Profit.
Market crash it’s okay.
Any Technical error Market down Its okay.
They always act very late specially SEBI.
Whatever The Loss you will face in this market it will be always from your pocket. Either it is Technical fault, Natural Disaster & Man made disaster. Etc Etc

( The day Retail Investor understand these things they will Start making profit.)

( Only by Seeing some chart on Trading screen you can’t make Profits, People have to understand how the Market works, how this system works )

It’s a cycle.
It’s Just Like 12th class students passing out and New admissions are coming in 1st class.
This chain continues forever.


@Lets_Invest hey that’s just the total number of clients from each broker, if they just have an account which they have not closed, they don’t need to be actively trading, will still count. That’s what I am talking about.:joy: u went full on theory with me. Anyway I appreciate u taking the time to type it.

@KarthikNarayan hahaha, Nothing personal and No Hard felling. :joy::joy::joy::+1:
It’s all for new Traders.

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