Zerodha varsity videos

I have seen Varsity by Zerodha – Markets, Trading, and Investing Simplified.. Some of the videos are only in hindi. Is there any place where english versions are available. I am basically looking for a deeper understanding of calendar spreads.

It seems to reach wider audience they are currently making videos in Hindi.

Those who know english well can easily read the Varsity material whereas if someone is not so good in English then he can watch these videos to know about the same concepts.

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thanks. but i do not know if there are more hindi speaking people than english knowing people.

You don’t know, that is surprising, as it is one of the general known things in our country. Even people who have their own state language understand Hindi. Only educated people can understand complete English.

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can’t debate as i do not have data. still i feel that people (including hindi speaking people) who understands will be far more than only hindi people (at least among the participants in the stock market). But if Zerodha too feels like how you do, then you may be correct. A successful businessman can’t be wrong here.

I would say no. Unless a person has studied language as a language while in school or college, he cannot understand the language completely. Uneducated people know about words, but they cannot understand the language completely, more so when it is finance and stock market, which at times are filled with jargon. So yes, with Hindi, the reach is wide and far.

Which state are you from?

One the same note, there has been an increasing participation from retail in the stock market, and one of the reasons is because of many regional language YouTube channels providing information in regional languages. Such content always existed in English for years, but I guess it did not help, because English is foreign for many people.


am from telangana and hindi was my second language till graduation. nice to see your reply.

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Then you know what I am talking about. I know that you know this.

Many people have been living in Hyderabad their entire lives without speaking one Telugu word :grin:

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