Zerodha vs upstox

I’m presently with upstox. should i shift?

It depends. In any area you look, both have pros and cons. So, what are your expectations/requirements?

Yes. Zerodha is much more matured platform

Yes. Definitely. I found Zerodha best in many things.

I trust nithin with my money cuz i have see this org growing from few thousand customers to lakhs can’t trust anyone

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I personally like go with zerodha because of easy to use mobile App.

Upstox trading platform is like Kite3 Zerodha , But now they are facing lot of platform related problems , same as that of Kite2 , So Zerodha is much better then Upstox , i would say Upstox is worst!!!

@Daku_Jones Is intraday allowed in F, E and M groups of BSE??

upstox has this "IndusStox 3-in-1 account! " which is very nice. Your really do not have to move funds from your bank account unless there is a need for it. ( This is a very nice feature for people who are worried about leaving money with the broker)

You have a nest trader which is way better than kite .

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In addition to above, Zerodha do allow you to trade in small value stock with very low brokerages, Upstox does not.

Also Zerodha support is superior to any other known brokerage through out the country :slight_smile: This is my practical example.

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Zerodha has GTT, Upstox doesn’t. End.

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I don’t see a reason you need to shift. If you’re on Upstox, You’re already on an app that’s easy to use, and doesn’t throw up many glitches. Plus, all your investment instruments are on the same app, instead of having separate apps for stocks, mutual funds, etc. In an apples to apples comparison, you’ll barely notice any difference in features, but check which interface suits you better.

upstox is absolutely unreliable & useless system, i’ve tried it…zerodha is the best platform as of now.

If you are planning to invest in SGB from secondary markets… then swift to Zerodha. I am not aware of any other brokers supporting SGB from secondary markets (checked with upstox, paytm money, groww and many others)

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Yes but I can’t leave money with bank also. :smile: