@Zerodha Yes Bank Shares debited without my consent

I bought shares of yes bank on 11 th march and yesterday I got message from CDSL that my shares are debited. Is this some kind of adjustment done by government or is it done by zerodha. If this is done by Zerodha then I will definitely close all my accounts with them.

Can check this, done by regulators.

I believe it was deliberately done by zerodha to satisfy big investors greed, Today they did the same with me too , am going to complain to sebi and nse about this and going to close my account in few days if they did not solve it.

Did you read the post?

Yes , the circular is only valid for stocks from 100 , i had 51 , so they why did it was removed ? And at which rate shall I receive the money in my equity account and by when ?

As per the article in this forum , I shall again see them in my holding from 18th march , it that correct ???

When you bought the shares?

Last Thursday and friday ,and It was on holding from saturday morning all 51

As explained in the article T1 holdings are not shown, once they hit your demat they are available. Shares bought on thursday will show tomorrow, shares bought on friday will show on wednesday.

But why it is not in the position also ?

You mean in holdings tab? as said it won’t show up on kite.

I mean I also bought shares of two other companies on Thursday and it is in holdings today but yes bank is neither in holdings nor in position , it was in position until today I received a message saying order rejected , how can that happen ?

The rest of my orders are already in holdings which I bought on same day as yes bank

You mean only yesbank is not showing and other stocks are showing which are bought on same day?

If it was to be rejected why it did not happen on the day of order?

Yes only yes bank is not showing , It was in holdings with other two till yesterday

Please read circular, BTST is not allowed for today and tomorrow which are bought on last thursday and friday. Exchange released circular yesterday night.

So then next when will I see those yes bank shares in my holdings ?

Come on, I clearly told you above, which are bought on thursday will show tomorrow and which are bought on friday will show on wednesday, please take some time to read the things otherwise we have to put unnecessary effort to explain the same again and again. The same is clearly said in nithin post also. I request you to read the things before commenting.