Zerodha's High DP charges

It will be 13.5*8=108 and not 19440, Dp charges are not depended on number of days of holding and not charged on per day basis.Dp charge will be same if u sell in 2nd or 1 year after which i 13.5


Have you really experienced it?

Depository Participant (DP) is termed as DP Charges . This DP charges is a source of revenue to the Depositories (CDSL & NSDL) & its participants. Similar to how Exchanges charge Transaction fee, Depositories & Depository Participant (DP) charge DP charge whenever you sell any shares from demat account.
All brokerage houses has this charges and charged only during selling or debit from Demat account which ranges from Rs 13 to 30.
Zerodha brokerage calculator has link to list of charges which clearly mentions this.

& you have done the wrong calculation, please do refer calculation mentioned by rahianiket1


Hi aniket1. But then Zerodha’s website says that its per day basis. Just see below:

DP (Depository participant) charges

₹13.5 per scrip per day(irrespective of quantity) debited from demat account when stocks are sold. ₹5.5 per MF (irrespective of quantity) debited from demat on redemption. Charged by depository (CDSL) and depository participant (Zerodha)

It says per day. Is it wrong?

Hi Sadhu. No I was looking to open an a/c for Equity Delivery. I was just going through the website and found this fact about DP charges. Either they charge only 13.5 rupees per scrip on selling or they charge exorbitant prices. If you are right, Zerodha has got it wrong on their website and needs to correct that ‘per day’ line.

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When it says per day, we are trying to say irrespective of how many sell transactions you do in a day, only Rs 13.5 is charged - but it is only if you have sold stocks on a certain day. Not for everyday you held. :slight_smile:


But "₹13.5 per scrip per day(irrespective of quantity) " is misleading… could’ve been more clearer…


May be some thing like “per day of selling/trading”…instead of just per day

Pl change " per day" to “on a given
day” to avoid ambiguity.


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Suppose I sell a scrip at Rs 65 (only one unit), will I still be charged Rs 13.5?

yes. It is per scrip irrespective of quantity

Yes even a scrip less than Rs. 13.5 will be charged Rs. 13.5.

And this is charged by depository not zerodha.

Its 15.93 now including 18% GST.


It is a sum of 2 charges here. CDSL/NDSL which is typically 6/5 rupees and then zerodha adds 8 rupees + GST. So it is not entirely charged by Depository.


DP (Depository participant) charges

₹13.5 per scrip (irrespective of quantity), on the day, is debited from the demat account when stocks are sold. ₹5.5 per MF (irrespective of quantity), on the day, is debited from the demat on redemption. This is charged by the depository (CDSL) and depository participant (Zerodha).

Hi Sandip, looks like Zerodha paid heed to what you had to say as I just copied the above from the website. Great job all around

Hi, I just want to know if this DP charges also applies when I sell my Smallcase? I have bought some smallcases where the total number of stocks at more than 5, does this mean when I sell my smallcase I get charged 5*13.5+GST?

YES Your calculation is correct… You are charged DP charges @ 13.5 for each title of the 5 script .

If this is true, then it is very important to state this clearly while buying smallcase.

Few of the Smallcases have wide range of segments and invests in 10-20 stocks.
Having these fixed charges will significantly impact how much profit you make through SmallCase.

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