Zomato shareholding pattern

In Bse website, shareholding pattern of zomato is uploaded. In that there is no shareholding of institutional investors, can anyone explain why is this so?

Edit - Both FIIs and DIIs have invested in it.

But, if you see the info in bse. It isn’t true.

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ok. I might be wrong. Can you share a screenshot of share holding pattern ?

Here you go

thanks, FIIs are also in it. I was wrong.
The above pic is from @Tickertape

Check this - Shareholding Pattern Public ShareHolder (bseindia.com)

why promoter holding is NIL ?

i have heard that if the promoter holding is less ; then ; it is a warning danger ?

Even ITC has no promoter holdings and also most banks. So, for a well managed administration or a company that has a pretty good market cap or a company that has good fundamentals, This should not be a very big cause of concern. Also do check other parameters as well.

That is bit old school. Might be true for some companies, but not for all.
In new world, lot of professionally managed companies have no identified promoters. This is pretty much norm in developed world, and India is catching up with it.

Even some of the biggest companies in India like ICICI bank, L&T, ITC too name few, have no promoters and are managed by professional board.

One reason for that would be, to be considered as FII, you need to be registered with SEBI. IN zomato’s case lot of foreign investors have invested through various corporates or funds which are not registered as FII.
Hence they are being shown as Non-institution / Public shareholders.

Frankly, its just how nomenclature is made up.