10 Reasons why I haven't yet considered Zerodha Coin for Mutual Fund Investments

Just an assumption that, this post looks like, from one of the other MF Free platform competitors who are loosing out 10 CR annually. Now they are thinking about charging their clients for using their service. But they are afraid if their own clients will shift to Coin if they start charging fees. What do we do now? So, lets brainwash nithin and make him start charging for the COIN platform, so everyone else in the industry can make some money out of their own loosing platforms.

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From my point of view, even now, The COIN Mutual Fund investment platform has all the essential features required for a long term visionary of compounding wealth through Mutual Fund Investment.

  1. Investment Platform from a Reputed Establishment.
  2. Cost Saving - Relevant for savers who are using Mutual Funds for a large investment pot.
  3. Easy setting up of a Bank Standing Instruction for SIP contributions.
  4. Availability of Direct Plans on the platform.
  5. Easy to print out the ELSS statement for tax filing.
  6. Summary to check Fund performance.

Anything more will be just an icing on the cake, from a seasoned Mutual Fund Investor’s point of view.

a likely launch quarter?

Can’t comment on the timelines. We’ll keep you posted.

I had Placed Redemtion Order in Coin , Where it says 5 days … this is 7th Day and the status still Show ’ Awaiting Payment From AMC’… Why This Coin Zerofha sucks Badly??

@nithin I am writing this as 2020 review to my first post in this thread which I had written back in June 2019. Let’s see what has changed in these 1½ years.

To begin on a good note, today the ratio of my mutual fund investments on Coin platform is higher than the Mutual Funds I hold in physical format. The only reason for switch which I had mentioned earlier is that I am consolidating everything on one platform. For convenience, and also to have a better understanding of applicable STCG, LTCG and compute Tax harvesting, if need be. 2020 so far has given me a good opportunity to sell-off physical units and rebalance my portfolio.

Now, that I have taken that leap of faith already in choosing Coin, let’s see those 10 reasons which were holding me back a year back, where they are as we speak:-

Not available yet.
This is the most crucial one. It took me a lot of discussions and debates, and arguments too, to convince Zerodha that to be in sync with SEBI cut-off timing is a basic right of an investor. And it ends there. I appreciate a positive response received from the team informally here on this forum as well as the official Zerodha support on Ticket No #20200921976293, dated Oct 9, 2020 confirmed that work is in the process to sync with SEBI cut-off timings.

But my last follow-up hasn’t been responded to. It’s been 3 weeks already.

To be in sync with SEBI cut-off is even more important because from 1 Jan, 2021 the NAV calculation would change. Investors would get allotted MF units on the NAV of the day funds are received by AMCs and not when the order was placed. So if the Zerodha cut-off timings are not the same as SEBI cut-off timings, the investor’s fund would be received by AMC with a delay, hence NAV would not be the same as expected. With Janurary 1st, around the corner, we are running short on time.

On this Christmas eve, I would like to believe that team Zerodha listens to me as Santa.

I hereby also request other users who believe in my words to raise a ticket from their respective accounts nudging Zerodha team to deliver ticket #20200921976293. Maybe that would help prioritize and expedite the process if more people demand it.

Not available yet.
The last update I had received on this was Zerodha team is working on this to allow switching from any fund to any fund. This would be a unique offering that no other platform is providing. Awaiting fingers crossed.

Not available yet.
Last I heard, team is working on providing instant withdrawal feature upto Rs 50,000.

I hope the team implements this as well.

Bank Mandate is available.
One can setup Bank mandate a day prior to SIP dates. Also, I had read somewhere on this forum that work is in progress for making it native bank to SIP feature. Awaiting.

This as discussed above is a challenge because of MF units held in Demat format and after market closes, the redemption order can’t be passed on to the AMC unlike Insta Redeem Liquid MF units held in physical formats. If this is a specific need of an investor to have an emergency fund or so, one better invests in such Insta Liquid Funds in Physical format (and not as Demat format on Coin) so that at the time of need, one can redeem units 24x7 and receive money in 30 minutes. I know it’s a little compromise to not be able to have everything in one place i.e. Coin. But until a real solution arrives, investing in such MF in physical format works.

This needs work. It’s partially done. No update since Feb 2020.

Not available yet.

For #6 and #7 I have imported my CAMS data on Kuvera that helps me visualise portfolio data into insights that help in decision making. Also their TradeSmart feature emails me when units of a MF can be redeemed without any exit load and to maximize the potential of tax-free LTCG upto Rs 1 lakh. I hope 2021 brings such features to Coin as well.

Now available on Coin.

Now available on Coin.

As I read in another thread, the team is working on alerting investors for crucial information when fund manager changes, or an addendum has been released etc that impacts an investor. This would be helpful. I look forward to 2021.

So here is the 2020 review of the asks:

2/10 for the features being made available.
2 more bullet points would receive half marks each for partial implementation.

Hoping 2021 would bring the better out of Coin. :pray:
Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree::santa:


It’s about time Zerodha show up with some progress on the coin platform. At Least roll out select features out of the above to say beta testers, if not yet ready for stable public release. Asking for ETA has no value :slight_smile:

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I would also like goal based tagging which is in works from 2 years to show up next year.

Great review, I agree with almost all of your points.

But my last follow-up hasn’t been responded to. It’s been 3 weeks already.

Did you follow up on this with them? Any updates?

Cut-off timings like 2:30 or 3:00 PM and direct bank SIP are two things that would really be great.

I have been following up on ticket no 20200921976293 since September 2020 to sync the cut-off timing to SEBI rules.

@siva it’s disappointing to see that lately the team stopped responding to my ticket. Hope you guys are not ignoring me? I have been keeping patience for a long. The least you could do is officially respond on the ticket.

Also, may I know why all of sudden Coin cut-off timing was changed to 1 pm on 2nd March 2021 without any reason?

@dufferZafar can you do me a favour? Can you raise a ticket from your account asking for a response on ticket # 20200921976293 on syncing cut-off time according to SEBI guidelines, and let me know if you receive any reply? Thanks.


@Bhuvan Can you get this checked.

@siva Can users of Coin be given the choice of buying MF units in either Demat or SOA form? There is currently one MF platform, RankMF providing this choice. Not sure if there are others. So, would Coin too provide this flexibility?

@Bhuvan ?

There are no advantages to us providing this and would just increase the operational complexity. It doesn’t really make sense.

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I suppose as a standalone platform coin is rather average, but it will still be popular bcz we can use investments via coin as Margin.

@Bhuvan still awaiting a response on this. I can see you responded to another query on this thread, after my query, where @siva had tagged you.

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Like I’ve said multiple earlier, we’ll look at extending the cut-off down the line, can’t comment on any timelines. Post the new NAV rules even BSE’s cut-off at 2.30 PM.

Please respond officially on the ticket. 20200921976293

First of all, Zerodha is not doing a favour on investors. Zerodha has violated investors’ interest by pre-closing cut-off time wrongly since long and I am demanding it to be corrected. Zerodha on the ticket accepted that it needs to be corrected. But that doesn’t suffice.

If with new NAV BSE has 2:30 timing, sync with it then. What is stopping you.

Zerodha cannot get away by saying we will do, we will do endlessly. There has to be a time-bound solution.

Listen carefully, if you do not have a timeline in mind, I certainly have a threshold of holding patience. It’s 6 months officially since Zerodha accepted this issue needs to be corrected yet no visible action on this. After repeated follow-ups on the ticket.

Everything is getting recorded on this thread and that ticket, and until now I was trying if this can be resolved with a dialogue, if something can be resolved with love, why go for a blood-bath. But Zerodha’ apathy is forcing me, pressing my button to officially lodge a complaint at SEBI Scores, file a RTI, launch a Change.org petition and through my PR network make it a news how Zerodha is violating investors’ rightful without any resolution in sight.

By this month end if the issue is not resolved, I’d be forced to action plan B. As per SEBI rules, you are forced to resolve the issue in 30 days. If you want that way, if you want that’s how the issue has to be dealt with, fine I am all ready.

You may consult with your legal team, you have a weak case here.

P.S. This is not a threat. But only a conscious action for what is rightfully long due for investors.

Cc @nithin


I agree with rupesh here. Its not a talk about some features that may be optional, but a fundamental requirement as a mutual fund platform.

I always see Zerodha staff as asking people to calm their horses regarding the launch of things promised by Zerodha itself, but all I can say is that in my limited experience, I have never seen a service being supported so massively by its user base. I am relatively new to this, but I am sure people can move to other services in an instant. The reason they don’t is that they trust Zerodha and are supporting them in genuine issues because they believe the issue is not intentional and think that Zerodha will give them what they want in due time.

Sure, Zerodha gets grilled a lot for miniscule downtimes and issues, but thats cause of the massive scale of the user base. Any small thing is gonna get blown out of proportions. But there is an overwhelming majority of users who support them, albeit, silently.

Some simple fundamental features, such as SWP, STP, instant liquidity upto some extent for some liquid and overnight funds are still pending for as long as I started investing in mutual funds. I could have easily gone with any other platform or direct to amcs due to starting afresh. But the only reason I still chose Zerodha as the only place I am currently investing in mutual funds is the trust I ( and numerous others) have, that we will get the features. There has to be a timeline for these to ensure the trust remains.

My two cents. First time I have written in critique. Hope someone takes note.


This is something we are working on currently. I can’t commit if it will be ready in 30 days, but our team is working on this as of now. This isn’t a simple fix, if it was, we would have done it a long time back. We were waiting for the new Coin backend to be ready to start working on this.

Btw this also means that Coin will be able to support SIPs with whatever is the minimum as per the AMC. Essentially we will switch the coin way of doing SIP (lumpsum reinvested) to the AMC way of doing SIP if the SIP amounts are smaller.

SWP is tricky again because Coin is built on the Demat+Broker mode of powering MF transactions. As a business, this way gives us the leverage of running the Coin platform for free (very low overheads) as this is an extension of how we clear and settle stocks. But yeah the flip side are issues like this STP, and earlier cut-off (which hopefully will be fixed soon).

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