2023 at Zerodha

Evolving mission statement

@nithin summed up the reason for why we do what we do in the following words:

Our mission statement as a business has evolved naturally since starting in 2010, when it was all about reducing trading costs and bringing transparency to broking. Today, it is about helping the customer do better with their money and manage their wealth holistically, not just in terms of money.

We have shared all the 2023 updates in our Z-connect post:

What are we working on?

To help traders do well, we are working on having a bunch of nudges that will help traders avoid breaking the basic trading rules, which will improve their odds of doing well. On the education front, you will see more videos and podcasts through Varsity, Zero1 (Zing!), Rainmatter, Zerodha, etc. Through Rainmatter, we are helping startups working on helping Indians do well with their health and wealth.

Going forward, we will update all the major and minor subtler product updates in a separate post, so it’s easier to keep track of all the developments.

On behalf of the entire Zerodha team, Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous 2024.


waiting for Option Chain and new market watch.

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FWIW, upon first reading just the above highlighted bits, it was indeed “news” to me :slight_smile:
However, subsequently the above article goes on to state the following…

The evolving mission statement does explain
how the definition of “core offerings” is slowly changing over time.
Glad to have this acknowledged explicitly.

Source: Zerodha - Business updates 13-years of Zerodha and why we do what we do
Also being discussed here.

Updates like this sound like one of the challenges to the evolving mission statement.

Due to the evolving nature of the markets/exchanges, and financial regulations involved,
supporting the “basic features” itself appears to be a moving target that requires active development.

So, in such a evolving environment,
how does Zerodha plan to prioritize / focus between…

a. all such various back-end changes required

  • Probably perceived by users as the same level of “existing features”
    and maybe even as performance/stability/reliability.


b. holistically integrating offerings from the universe of partners

  • Likely perceived by users as “new features” and integrations.

Basically, if one is at the mercy of the regulators introducing “surprises” requiring focus on a above,
then the “new features will get done soon, when they get done” syndrome is expected to continue, right?

…or are the ecosystem partners (or even dedicated, independent teams within Zerodha)
focusing on the “holistic integrations” involved in b above,
thus enabling them to be delivered on a more predictable timeline
irrespective of any surprises in a above ?

@Meher_Smaran please bring in flat monthly plan for active traders

@nithin Please make your API free of cost - in india only you are charging