50L+ losses in F&O. How to recover?

What if NIFTY ends up like indices of Japan, Greece or Pakistan?

Then the best option is to buy gold and store it in a hidden vault in your basement. If the NIFTY index were to decline like the indices in Pakistan or Greece, your bank fixed deposits would also lose significant value.

For that you need to study and understand why that happened. If you see same problem with India then HOLDING GOLD is the only option.

It won’t grow, but it will maintain your buying power no matter what happens to India or the world.

This quote is so true.

This quote is right that’s why nitin sir told that we need to treat trading as a business. Business man who are also traders they make money and Traders who are also businessman in real-life they also lose money because they still not discovered how to do trading like a real business.

You are not going to like it what I am bout to say.

Live on 50k and save 1 lakhs in Nifty Index Funds for the next 10-15 years. You will recover the money.

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Your situation is like an exaggerated version of my situation. I have lost 4L+ in FnO trading. I was planning to take Personal Loan a while back, when I was gaining in F&O, but due to some mundane reasons, I didn’t. Now it seems that I was lucky to not take the loan. I won’t be adding any more capital now. If I lose my remaining capital of around 70k, I will never look back towards F&O.


You are a very strong believer of long term investing right let’s see by chance if modi govt. does not come in power how long your long-term mindset works? Are you ready to wait for more 5 years to make your investment in green ? Rahul Gandhi now saying investing in share market is a scam and even Govt. tried to manipulate the small retail investors. You can check history this kind of candle of 2000 points never have been created in the history of nifty 50 till now.

It doesn’t matter which govt comes.

As long as India is developing, as long as you see development happening around you, in villages and cities, NIFTY will keep going up.

Nifty was going up in Congress govt and is going up in BJP govt too.

Growth happens because private individuals/companies.
Govt may influence it, but as far as things are becoming better markets will keep going up.

Although right now might not be a great time to invest too much. Hint: US yield Curve is inverted! Be careful.

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I also believe in diversification. I will never put all my money in stocks. My personal threshold is 25% . Stock Market is risky and there is no guarantee that Long Term Investing will work but it is safest bet you can take in market.

Absolutely nothing to worry about.

According to historical data, a recession generally happens after the yield curve uninverts. Not after the yield curve inversion.

Although there are no guarantees. But saying “this time is different” has also been wrong so many times in past.

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Surely you can recover from this, now as a paster of your situation and based on my 4 years of stock market option buyer experience, I want to share with you some of my comforting things. First few weeks you can avoid trading, and if you follow the steps I show you can recover huge losses… .Suffice it to mention some exercises. You can survive in the stock market only if you have the mind of enough. I will tell you about anything for free. If you follow this strategy for a few weeks, you will be able to make a good profit from the next month without waiting for anyone. You can make the lost money in a few years for sure…everything requires patience and discipline. . I would like to know which state you belong to?What languages ​​do you know especially Tamil?.Please be easy to guide…share my option trading jorney failure and success and rules everthing free of cost…

You are doing it wrong. Too many people get excited too soon. You cannot be so careless. This is REAL money after all!

To this day, it takes me months to build confidence and put a strategy to use with full-force.

1st step: Backtest it for long durations. Test robustness, investigate if returns are because of the odd lucky outliers, check rolling returns, yoy returns, DD etc. DO NOT over-optimize and curve-fit it to junk (this will make sense with experience)

2nd Step: Walk it forward without taking trades. See how the results are…

3rd step: Trade very small for few months.

And after all this I wait till I build a small cushion of profits from the strategy (with modest allocation), only then do I bring it into my 'main strategies group".

If you do not want to put in all that work and/or have a busy full-time job , it is probably better you stick to a more positional kind of strategy wherein you mix equities and options without taking much leverage. Look up "options wheel strategy " on youtube. This too will take time and effort to understand and execute, and you will have to start slow and small.


Hi there,
sorry, that you are facing tough times! My sincere suggestion -

  1. give up on F&O trading. No further thoughts / discussions on that!
  2. give up on the thought of easy money making! Be realitic on your expecttaions. Don’t go by social media fininfluencers, and you will be easily deceived.
  3. Focus on learning, by being patient. I have been trading since 6 years (besides my job), adapting swing trading. I earn 20% per annum on my capital and i am very happy about that. I have utilized zerodha varsity extensively to educate myself (hours of study) and books.

Again, promise yourself you will never trade in F&O. If you have that itchy feeling to trade, invest the same in good quality stocks!
Hope this helps.

If you want to make a career in trading, treat it like one. Imagine a first-year med student performing surgery or a 12th-grade biology student diagnosing a critically ill patient—it wouldn’t work, right? The same goes for trading. You can’t expect to make money right away. It takes time and discipline to see consistent profits. ( at least 3-4 years before you see consistent profits).

Here’s what worked for me:

  1. Pick a Free Course: Don’t spend money on courses.
  2. Learn & Backtest (6 months): Dedicate time to learning and testing strategies.
  3. Front-Test with Minimal Risk (6 months): Apply strategies in the real market with low-risk funds.
  4. Journal All Trades: Start journaling as soon as you begin front-testing.
  5. Increase Investment & Continue Journaling (1 year): Use a substantial sum, and journal meticulously.
  6. Analyze & Create Your Blueprint: Gather data on what works and what doesn’t to form your personalized trading blueprint.

This blueprint is now something that can make you money, consistently.

Lastly, becoming a trader is tough and time-consuming, but with discipline and patience, it can change your life. Trading isn’t just about strategies and risk management; it’s about understanding yourself as a trader and finding what works for you. For me, journaling and patience were the keys to success. I hope this helps and I hope you feel better brother!

Brother this is coming from a guy who lost 22 Lacs till January 2024(1 year in trading) and recovered whole amount and turned profitable in june 2024. I also have good job but lure of option buying and greed made me loose this much amount. I also took personal loan of 5 lakhs and lost the same. and staring at financial difficulties since i was only earning member of the family ,To recover the amount i again further took personal loan of 21 lakhs and lost half amount within one month.

However by god grace i kept myself calm and ventured into selling options with occasional buying as per my setup . and i set the target recovery of whole amount in 5 years with monthly target of EMI amount to be paid . Further on earlier day i used to bring small capital and blow it off several times. was always scared of bring good capital in trading account.

I brought my final capital of 10 lakhs in trading and started doing spreads with defined risk. I started recovering the loss and as the time passed i started gaining confidence and i started riding profit without fear .
The point here i am saying is never loose hope and clear your mind first chalk out the plan and stick to it.

Anyone with loans should stop trading completely, and focus on clearing the loan as fast as possible. When you are clear from any debts then plan for reentry with investment. Saving interest is earning interest.

You will have the pressure of paying EMI from the market which will work for some time but fails most of the time.


I recommend clearing the loan first. Relying on psychology to manage the loan could lead to further losses due to the pressure of earning EMI or repaying the loan. Selling is also risky; people can work for months or even years, only to lose everything in a single bad day.