75% of all Yes Bank shares held will be blocked for 3 years

Hi at what price the yes bank locked share will be released after 3 year. Will it be the same price when it was locked or the price of the stock in present.

Shares are locked, not based on the price. Everyone will have different buy price.

How to go ahead with selling that 25% now because nothing is being reflected on kite now.

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When you bought shares?

On Friday
The 13th

You can see in above post, which are bought on 12th and 13th will reflect only once they are in demat. No BTST is allowed.

I bought less than 100 shares on the 12th of March. Still they are not reflecting on Kite.

Tomorrow they will come to demat.

Sir, plz clarify

  1. Is there any option to average the hold shares?
  2. Is there any LTCG tax benefits?

Hi Nithin,
How can I see my locked Yes Bank shares in my portfolio with you?

I have shares 60 brought on 3rd march still its showing 15shares for sell why ?

Hi i bought shares on 13th … shall i sell it today… bcs it isbnot showing in my portfolio

You can check on our backoffice console.

You can create ticket here.

No, BTST is not allowed, they will come to demat on 18th.

You can buy now.

For locked in share LTCG will be applied.

Hello, i had 20shares on 12th March, now its showing only 9 shares in my holdings, why is that? what happened to my remaining shares? Please someone help me with this

Create a ticket here.

Shall i sell the same on 18th??

Where can I see how many quantities blocked for 3 years?