A serious doubt regarding pre opening session

Hi brothers. I wish you a very happy diwali to you and to your family members.
I have a serious doubt regarding following.
For example if the closing price of nifty future today is 11600. I have taken long position with1 lot today . And tomorrow in the morning around 8.30 I have put an AMO order with 11650 limit order. Actually at the same time nifty has made a move between 70 points up and 80 points down in the pre open session and finally opened day as low with 100 points down. Say for example 11500. But my doubt is it has moved initially 80 points above also. While going above it will touch my price point also.
Now my doubt is my AMO gets executed or not?
Because it has moved above as well as below and finally opened below. But my order is above.
So please clarify the doubt.

Doesn’ matter what nifty spot does in the pre open and after open.
The price traded in futures is what matters. So, only if futures trades at 10650, your order will be executed.

Thank u for your response sir.
My done is regarding AMO order . In AMO I have mentioned 11650, at 8.30. Pre open started at 9 0 clock and the price moved from my price to up and again it has come down to lower price. And opened low now. But as I mentioned in AMO 650 as already it has touched my price and went down and opened at lower price my AMO gets executed or not ?

check this

In the preopen market only stocks (and not F&O) are traded. Your AMO order is for a Futures trade which starts only at 9:15. As the market opened at 11500, your price of 11650 never came. Hence your trade would not have been executed.

Thank u so much for your answer sir

Thank u so much for your answer sir.very happy with ur response.